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What is the salary of a Corrections Records Specialist? In the United States, a Corrections Records Specialist earns an average salary of $70,103. The salary range for a Corrections Records Specialist is usually between $60,329 and $76,924 per year, representing the 25th to 75th percentiles respectively. The top 10% of earners, that is the 90th percentile, have an annual salary of $85,000. The highest Corrections Records Specialist salary in the United States was $133,556. The average hourly pay for a Corrections Records Specialist is $33.70.

Employers paying the highest salary for a Corrections Records Specialist job are Lancaster County (PA), Department of Corrections (PA) and Yolo County (CA).

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Corrections Records Specialist Salary Statistics


Top Paying Employers for Corrections Records Specialist Jobs

EmployerAverage Salary
Lancaster County, PA$88,481
Department of Corrections, PA$69,988
Yolo County, CA$55,438

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Top Paid Corrections Records Specialist

Carl Koltz E III
Lancaster County, PA
Carl Koltz E IIIPALancaster CountyView Details
Carl Koltz
Lancaster County, PA
Carl KoltzPALancaster CountyView Details
Miguel Albino
Lancaster County, PA
Miguel AlbinoPALancaster CountyView Details
Carl Koltz E
Lancaster County, PA
Carl Koltz EPALancaster CountyView Details
Miguel Albino A Jr
Lancaster County, PA
Miguel Albino A JrPALancaster CountyView Details
Heather Kjar M.
Yolo County, CA
Heather Kjar M.CAYolo CountyView Details
Sanchez Guadalupe
Yolo County, CA
Sanchez GuadalupeCAYolo CountyView Details
Kelli Ruiz M.
Yolo County, CA
Kelli Ruiz M.CAYolo CountyView Details
Yelena Reznichenko
Yolo County, CA
Yelena ReznichenkoCAYolo CountyView Details
Rebecca Colon S
Yolo County, CA
Rebecca Colon SCAYolo CountyView Details
Aida Deanda
Yolo County, CA
Aida DeandaCAYolo CountyView Details
Corinne Elsea A.
Yolo County, CA
Corinne Elsea A.CAYolo CountyView Details
Ruiz Kelli M
Yolo County, CA
Ruiz Kelli MCAYolo CountyView Details
Ilse Urbano Y.
Yolo County, CA
Ilse Urbano Y.CAYolo CountyView Details
Deanda Aida
Yolo County, CA
Deanda AidaCAYolo CountyView Details
Jacqueline Figueroa G.
Yolo County, CA
Jacqueline Figueroa G.CAYolo CountyView Details
Colon Rebecca S
Yolo County, CA
Colon Rebecca SCAYolo CountyView Details
Kjar Heather M
Yolo County, CA
Kjar Heather MCAYolo CountyView Details
Lewis Shante
Yolo County, CA
Lewis ShanteCAYolo CountyView Details
Shante Lewis
Yolo County, CA
Shante LewisCAYolo CountyView Details
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