Dental Assistant

Avarage Salary
based on 2,372 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $22k
$22k - $34k
$34k - $46k
$46k - $59k
$59k - $71k
$71k - $83k
$83k - $95k
$95k - $107k
$107k - $119k
$119k - $131k

Dental Assistant - employees list 2,372

Kay Jukes B
Community College Of Houston System, TX$131,240
Kay Jukes BTXCommunity College Of Houston System$131,240View Details
Kay Jukes B
Community College Of Houston System, TX$127,568
Kay Jukes BTXCommunity College Of Houston System$127,568View Details
Brittany Jennings G
City of Cincinnati, OH$127,074
Brittany Jennings GOHCity of Cincinnati$127,074View Details
Parris Jarrett A
City of Cincinnati, OH$120,722
Parris Jarrett AOHCity of Cincinnati$120,722View Details
Mayela Rodriguez C
San Mateo County, CA$116,411
Mayela Rodriguez CCASan Mateo County$116,411View Details
Mirna Ramirez
City of Cincinnati, OH$112,786
Mirna RamirezOHCity of Cincinnati$112,786View Details
Johnson Dorschea J
City of Cincinnati, OH$100,980
Johnson Dorschea JOHCity of Cincinnati$100,980View Details
Marianne Deose E
Upper Bucks County Technical School, PA$98,479
Marianne Deose EPAUpper Bucks County Technical School$98,479View Details
Eileen Jean Hamlin
Alameda County, CA$95,238
Eileen Jean Hamlin CAAlameda County$95,238View Details
Maria Torres D
Solano County, CA$94,554
Maria Torres DCASolano County$94,554View Details
Eileen Jean Hamlin
Alameda County, CA$92,621
Eileen Jean HamlinCAAlameda County$92,621View Details
Grisela Velazquez E
Solano County, CA$91,843
Grisela Velazquez ECASolano County$91,843View Details
Robinson Trielle J
Solano County, CA$91,453
Robinson Trielle JCASolano County$91,453View Details
Geraldine Vaughn M
San Mateo County, CA$90,275
Geraldine Vaughn MCASan Mateo County$90,275View Details
Lonnie Rodgers-andrews
Philadelphia City Sd, PA$90,051
Lonnie Rodgers-andrewsPAPhiladelphia City Sd$90,051View Details
Eileen Jean Hamlin
Alameda County, CA$89,635
Eileen Jean Hamlin CAAlameda County$89,635View Details
Donna Kauti L
Placer County, CA$88,270
Donna Kauti LCAPlacer County$88,270View Details
Veronica Hernandez L
Orange County, CA$88,200
Veronica Hernandez LCAOrange County$88,200View Details
Roxana Lech Heisel
San Mateo County, CA$87,490
Roxana Lech HeiselCASan Mateo County$87,490View Details
Luvia Whitten A
State of California, CA$87,140
Luvia Whitten ACAState of California$87,140View Details
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