Dpt Of Innovation & Technology - Sr Data Proc Sys Anl

Avarage Salary
based on 59 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$16k - $28k
$28k - $40k
$40k - $51k
$51k - $63k
$63k - $75k
$75k - $86k
$86k - $98k
$98k - $110k
$110k - $121k
$121k - $133k
Best Paid In
1. City of Boston , MA$88,608

Dpt Of Innovation & Technology - Sr Data Proc Sys Anl - employees list 59

Brett Haynes C
City of Boston, MA$132,866
Brett Haynes CMACity of Boston$132,866View Details
Ann Quinn Roper
City of Boston, MA$123,228
Ann Quinn RoperMACity of Boston$123,228View Details
Robert Acquah
City of Boston, MA$117,499
Robert AcquahMACity of Boston$117,499View Details
Rajesh Pareek
City of Boston, MA$117,460
Rajesh PareekMACity of Boston$117,460View Details
Richard Oliver S
City of Boston, MA$117,419
Richard Oliver SMACity of Boston$117,419View Details
Thomas Caulfield
City of Boston, MA$116,688
Thomas CaulfieldMACity of Boston$116,688View Details
David Burt C
City of Boston, MA$116,595
David Burt CMACity of Boston$116,595View Details
John Mckenna A
City of Boston, MA$116,136
John Mckenna AMACity of Boston$116,136View Details
Youshe Li
City of Boston, MA$115,930
Youshe LiMACity of Boston$115,930View Details
Scott Ross A
City of Boston, MA$115,930
Scott Ross AMACity of Boston$115,930View Details
Kevin Monahan P
City of Boston, MA$114,507
Kevin Monahan PMACity of Boston$114,507View Details
Grover Kelley J
City of Boston, MA$113,752
Grover Kelley JMACity of Boston$113,752View Details
Nigel Jacob
City of Boston, MA$113,141
Nigel JacobMACity of Boston$113,141View Details
Christine O'leary L
City of Boston, MA$107,437
Christine O'leary LMACity of Boston$107,437View Details
Robert Powers E
City of Boston, MA$107,231
Robert Powers EMACity of Boston$107,231View Details
Diane Banton
City of Boston, MA$103,264
Diane BantonMACity of Boston$103,264View Details
Laura Cela
City of Boston, MA$101,931
Laura CelaMACity of Boston$101,931View Details
Carmen Andrade-ortega V
City of Boston, MA$101,697
Carmen Andrade-ortega VMACity of Boston$101,697View Details
Kathleen Clancy E
City of Boston, MA$101,590
Kathleen Clancy EMACity of Boston$101,590View Details
Joan Pierce O
City of Boston, MA$100,447
Joan Pierce OMACity of Boston$100,447View Details
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