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What is the salary of an Educational Aide? In the United States, an Educational Aide earns an average salary of an $21,491. The salary range for an Educational Aide is usually between $18,792 and $25,000 per year, representing the 25th to 75th percentiles respectively. The top 10% of earners, that is the 90th percentile, have an annual salary of $29,559. The highest Educational Aide salary in the United States was $161,670.The average hourly pay for an Educational Aide is $10.33.

What are Top Paying States and Employers for Educational Aide Jobs

Top 3 states paying the highest average Educational Aide salary are Nevada, with an average salary of $53,564, followed by Texas, with an average salary of $22,704, and Arkansas, with an average salary of $20,100. Employers paying the highest salary for an Educational Aide job are Legacy the School of Sport Sciences (TX), KIPP Texas Public Schools (TX) and Academy for Academic Excellence (TX).

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StateAverage SalaryRecords Number
New Mexico$14,94715

Top Paid Educational Aide

Carolyn Ann Jarchow
Wimberley Independent School District, TX
Carolyn Ann JarchowTXWimberley Independent School DistrictView Details
Chad Bordeau
Clear Creek Isd, TX
Chad BordeauTXClear Creek IsdView Details
Catherine Loupe
Clear Creek Isd, TX
Catherine LoupeTXClear Creek IsdView Details
Obed Salas
Point Isabel Independent School District, TX
Obed SalasTXPoint Isabel Independent School DistrictView Details
Elizabeth Nicole Fulton
Aubrey Isd, TX
Elizabeth Nicole FultonTXAubrey IsdView Details
Misty Walp
Bastrop Independent School District, TX
Misty WalpTXBastrop Independent School DistrictView Details
Debra Vandestreek L
Wichita Falls Independent School District, TX
Debra Vandestreek LTXWichita Falls Independent School DistrictView Details
Jennifer Bridges L
Marlin Isd, TX
Jennifer Bridges LTXMarlin IsdView Details
Elizabeth Walker
Clear Creek Isd, TX
Elizabeth WalkerTXClear Creek IsdView Details
Rosario Lopez Lourdes Del
Charlotte Independent School District, TX
Rosario Lopez Lourdes DelTXCharlotte Independent School DistrictView Details
Ashley Wilson Dubbs
Mineola Independent School District, TX
Ashley Wilson DubbsTXMineola Independent School DistrictView Details
Candy Martin
Clear Creek Isd, TX
Candy MartinTXClear Creek IsdView Details
Carri Gregory
Clear Creek Isd, TX
Carri GregoryTXClear Creek IsdView Details
Gamble Tarasequita
Navasota Independent School District, TX
Gamble TarasequitaTXNavasota Independent School DistrictView Details
Rocio Fabela
Mission Consolidated Independent School District, TX
Rocio FabelaTXMission Consolidated Independent School DistrictView Details
Adrian Garza X
KIPP Texas Public Schools, TX
Adrian Garza XTXKIPP Texas Public SchoolsView Details
Faith Chantule Bacchus
KIPP Texas Public Schools, TX
Faith Chantule BacchusTXKIPP Texas Public SchoolsView Details
Ramos Mitzy Lopez
KIPP Texas Public Schools, TX
Ramos Mitzy LopezTXKIPP Texas Public SchoolsView Details
Chavez Candy Lopez Y
KIPP Texas Public Schools, TX
Chavez Candy Lopez YTXKIPP Texas Public SchoolsView Details
Evan Kratochvil
KIPP Texas Public Schools, TX
Evan KratochvilTXKIPP Texas Public SchoolsView Details
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