Election Worker

Avarage Salary
based on 35,313 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$0k - $1k
$1k - $2k
$2k - $3k
$3k - $4k
$4k - $5k
$5k - $6k
$6k - $7k
$7k - $8k
$8k - $9k
$9k - $10k

Election Worker - employees list 35,313

Juliana Humphrey B
San Diego County, CA$223,718
Juliana Humphrey BCASan Diego County$223,718View Details
Uma Marques B
Loudoun County, VA$151,347
Uma Marques BVALoudoun County$151,347View Details
Robert Thwing
City Of Anchorage, AK$138,196
Robert ThwingAKCity Of Anchorage$138,196View Details
Gary Steinfort
City Of Anchorage, AK$123,884
Gary SteinfortAKCity Of Anchorage$123,884View Details
Leigh Ann Mikesell S
City Of Muskegon, MI$119,749
Leigh Ann Mikesell SMICity Of Muskegon$119,749View Details
Steven Waltz A
City of Muskegon, MI$117,127
Steven Waltz AMICity of Muskegon$117,127View Details
Sheri Whitethorn
City Of Anchorage, AK$116,400
Sheri WhitethornAKCity Of Anchorage$116,400View Details
Karen Walker
City Of Anchorage, AK$113,221
Karen WalkerAKCity Of Anchorage$113,221View Details
Randy Gilliam K
City of Lexington, KY$112,971
Randy Gilliam KKYCity of Lexington$112,971View Details
Richard Tanguay A
City of Trenton, MI$112,945
Richard Tanguay AMICity of Trenton$112,945View Details
Donald Ward E
City of Trenton, MI$110,969
Donald Ward EMICity of Trenton$110,969View Details
Steven Voss M
City of Trenton, MI$107,435
Steven Voss MMICity of Trenton$107,435View Details
Jim Mathews Jr
City Of Muskegon, MI$104,869
Jim Mathews JrMICity Of Muskegon$104,869View Details
Mary Angus B
Humboldt County, CA$101,014
Mary Angus BCAHumboldt County$101,014View Details
Joann Gonyea M
City of Trenton, MI$100,684
Joann Gonyea MMICity of Trenton$100,684View Details
Timothy Lewkowski J
City Of Muskegon, MI$99,949
Timothy Lewkowski JMICity Of Muskegon$99,949View Details
Shawn Bride C
City Of Muskegon, MI$97,676
Shawn Bride CMICity Of Muskegon$97,676View Details
Joshua Hodge C
City of Trenton, MI$96,952
Joshua Hodge CMICity of Trenton$96,952View Details
Patricia Piecuch D
New Hampshire Secretary of State, NH$96,046
Patricia Piecuch DNHNew Hampshire Secretary of State$96,046View Details
Keith Mcmillan R
City Of Muskegon, MI$93,354
Keith Mcmillan RMICity Of Muskegon$93,354View Details
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