Fire Apparatus Opr

Avarage Salary
based on 98 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$11k - $18k
$18k - $26k
$26k - $34k
$34k - $41k
$41k - $49k
$49k - $57k
$57k - $65k
$65k - $72k
$72k - $80k
$80k - $88k
Best Paid In
1. City of Arlington , TX$83,415

Fire Apparatus Opr - employees list 98

Kramer Kendall
City of Arlington, TX$87,625
Kramer KendallTXCity of Arlington$87,625View Details
Robert Kornegay
City of Arlington, TX$87,603
Robert KornegayTXCity of Arlington$87,603View Details
Adams Jason
City of Arlington, TX$87,200
Adams JasonTXCity of Arlington$87,200View Details
Kevin Gosselin
City of Arlington, TX$86,936
Kevin GosselinTXCity of Arlington$86,936View Details
Kevin Elin J Go
City Of Arlington, TX$86,683
Kevin Elin J GoTXCity Of Arlington$86,683View Details
Malcolm Tuohy
City of Arlington, TX$86,601
Malcolm TuohyTXCity of Arlington$86,601View Details
Martinez Eric
City of Arlington, TX$86,585
Martinez EricTXCity of Arlington$86,585View Details
Robertson John
City of Arlington, TX$86,580
Robertson JohnTXCity of Arlington$86,580View Details
Timothy Fortner
City of Arlington, TX$86,439
Timothy FortnerTXCity of Arlington$86,439View Details
Ricardo Padron
City of Arlington, TX$86,359
Ricardo PadronTXCity of Arlington$86,359View Details
Moreno Jose
City of Arlington, TX$86,325
Moreno JoseTXCity of Arlington$86,325View Details
Jonathan Pavnica
City of Arlington, TX$86,170
Jonathan PavnicaTXCity of Arlington$86,170View Details
Salvador Mosqueda
City of Arlington, TX$86,117
Salvador MosquedaTXCity of Arlington$86,117View Details
Castle Shawn
City of Arlington, TX$86,098
Castle ShawnTXCity of Arlington$86,098View Details
Adam Paine
City of Arlington, TX$86,068
Adam PaineTXCity of Arlington$86,068View Details
Deryl Surratt
City of Arlington, TX$86,054
Deryl SurrattTXCity of Arlington$86,054View Details
Buchanan Stephen
City of Arlington, TX$85,946
Buchanan StephenTXCity of Arlington$85,946View Details
Juan Herrera
City of Arlington, TX$85,940
Juan HerreraTXCity of Arlington$85,940View Details
Chris Kilkenny
City of Arlington, TX$85,911
Chris KilkennyTXCity of Arlington$85,911View Details
Joseph Bradley
City of Arlington, TX$85,799
Joseph BradleyTXCity of Arlington$85,799View Details
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