Guidance Counselor

Avarage Salary
based on 6,729 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $34k
$34k - $59k
$59k - $83k
$83k - $108k
$108k - $132k
$132k - $156k
$156k - $181k
$181k - $205k
$205k - $229k
$229k - $254k

Guidance Counselor - employees list 6,729

Ana Rodriguez M
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$253,883
Ana Rodriguez MNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$253,883View Details
Robert Sanchez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$224,224
Robert SanchezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$224,224View Details
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$217,054
Elizabeth GonzalezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$217,054View Details
Cynthia Rodriguez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$212,083
Cynthia RodriguezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$212,083View Details
Denise Alvarez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$207,000
Denise AlvarezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$207,000View Details
Jacqueline Rodriguez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$197,042
Jacqueline RodriguezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$197,042View Details
Lizzette Colon
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$196,958
Lizzette ColonNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$196,958View Details
Morgan D'Errico
Antelope Valley Union High, CA$196,647
Morgan D'ErricoCAAntelope Valley Union High$196,647View Details
Maribel Martinez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$193,397
Maribel MartinezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$193,397View Details
Ross Wolfson A
School District of Westborough, MA$191,752
Ross Wolfson AMASchool District of Westborough$191,752View Details
Melanie Vasquez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$189,689
Melanie VasquezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$189,689View Details
Dana Catarius
School District of Westborough, MA$188,286
Dana CatariusMASchool District of Westborough$188,286View Details
Karen Hong
School District of Westborough, MA$185,701
Karen HongMASchool District of Westborough$185,701View Details
Deborah Weilbacher A.
Antelope Valley Union High, CA$183,401
Deborah Weilbacher A.CAAntelope Valley Union High$183,401View Details
Morgan D'Errico
Antelope Valley Union High, CA$183,398
Morgan D'ErricoCAAntelope Valley Union High$183,398View Details
Barbara Morales
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$182,422
Barbara MoralesNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$182,422View Details
Drew Bledsoe
Antelope Valley Union High, CA$181,079
Drew BledsoeCAAntelope Valley Union High$181,079View Details
Susana Leonetti-Johnson
Antelope Valley Union High, CA$179,062
Susana Leonetti-JohnsonCAAntelope Valley Union High$179,062View Details
Cecilia Parteleno
School District of Westborough, MA$174,370
Cecilia PartelenoMASchool District of Westborough$174,370View Details
Drew Bledsoe
Antelope Valley Union High, CA$174,030
Drew BledsoeCAAntelope Valley Union High$174,030View Details
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