Health Worker

Avarage Salary
based on 418 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $22k
$22k - $34k
$34k - $46k
$46k - $58k
$58k - $70k
$70k - $82k
$82k - $94k
$94k - $106k
$106k - $118k
$118k - $130k
Best Paid In
1. City of San Francisco , CA$58,324

Health Worker - employees list 418

Krystle Cansino A
San Francisco, CA$152,051
Krystle Cansino ACASan Francisco$152,051View Details
Marqui Hicks D
San Francisco, CA$146,970
Marqui Hicks DCASan Francisco$146,970View Details
Binh Tu-Au T
San Francisco, CA$144,495
Binh Tu-Au TCASan Francisco$144,495View Details
Alina Lugo M
San Francisco, CA$143,071
Alina Lugo MCASan Francisco$143,071View Details
Gwendolyn Smith Y
San Francisco, CA$139,015
Gwendolyn Smith YCASan Francisco$139,015View Details
Carlito Aniag H
San Francisco, CA$134,959
Carlito Aniag HCASan Francisco$134,959View Details
Alice Wong
San Francisco, CA$134,281
Alice WongCASan Francisco$134,281View Details
Kristy Ouyang
San Francisco Unified, CA$130,852
Kristy OuyangCASan Francisco Unified$130,852View Details
Charlotte Grimes-Brown E
San Francisco, CA$130,715
Charlotte Grimes-Brown ECASan Francisco$130,715View Details
Nancy Chu O
San Francisco, CA$130,446
Nancy Chu OCASan Francisco$130,446View Details
Kevin Smith J
City of San Francisco, CA$129,658
Kevin Smith JCACity of San Francisco$129,658View Details
Emeterio Garcia R
San Francisco, CA$129,304
Emeterio Garcia RCASan Francisco$129,304View Details
Krystle Cansino A
City of San Francisco, CA$125,395
Krystle Cansino ACACity of San Francisco$125,395View Details
Dora Morataya-Cotrim A
San Francisco, CA$125,196
Dora Morataya-Cotrim ACASan Francisco$125,196View Details
Tamara Rosales-Escobar
San Francisco, CA$125,058
Tamara Rosales-EscobarCASan Francisco$125,058View Details
Wanetta Davis
San Francisco, CA$124,276
Wanetta DavisCASan Francisco$124,276View Details
Robert Deel K
San Francisco, CA$124,243
Robert Deel KCASan Francisco$124,243View Details
Daryl Gault C
San Francisco, CA$123,761
Daryl Gault CCASan Francisco$123,761View Details
Calvin Thomas
San Francisco, CA$123,508
Calvin ThomasCASan Francisco$123,508View Details
Monica Lee
San Francisco, CA$123,508
Monica LeeCASan Francisco$123,508View Details
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