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What is the salary of a Highway Engineer? In the United States, a Highway Engineer earns an average salary of $85,378. The salary range for a Highway Engineer is usually between $68,848 and $99,189 per year, representing the 25th to 75th percentiles respectively. The top 10% of earners, that is the 90th percentile, have an annual salary of $106,492. The highest Highway Engineer salary in the United States was $120,826. The average hourly pay for a Highway Engineer is $41.05.

What are Top Paying States and Employers for Highway Engineer Jobs?

Top 3 states paying the highest average Highway Engineer salary are District of Columbia, with an average salary of $118,670, followed by Massachusetts, with an average salary of $101,101, and Michigan, with an average salary of $98,040. Employers paying the highest salary for a Highway Engineer job are Vanderburgh County (IN), Lake County (IN) and Morgan County (IN).

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StateAverage SalaryRecords Number
District of Columbia$118,6701

Top Paid Highway Engineer

Susan Lebrun L
Dane County, WI
Susan Lebrun LWIDane CountyView Details
Michael Buening W
State Of Indiana, IN
Michael Buening WINState Of IndianaView Details
Merril Dougherty E
State Of Indiana, IN
Merril Dougherty EINState Of IndianaView Details
Thomas Ford E
State Of Indiana, IN
Thomas Ford EINState Of IndianaView Details
Dale Carter M
State Of Indiana, IN
Dale Carter MINState Of IndianaView Details
Mark Fligor J
State Of Indiana, IN
Mark Fligor JINState Of IndianaView Details
Fike Abbasi
State Of Indiana, IN
Fike Abbasi INState Of IndianaView Details
Thomas Harris E
State Of Indiana, IN
Thomas Harris EINState Of IndianaView Details
Chad Nierman W
State Of Indiana, IN
Chad Nierman WINState Of IndianaView Details
Christopher Moore A
State Of Indiana, IN
Christopher Moore AINState Of IndianaView Details
John Stoll D
Vanderburgh County, IN
John Stoll DINVanderburgh CountyView Details
David Vorndran A
State Of Indiana, IN
David Vorndran AINState Of IndianaView Details
Richard Thomas S
State Of Indiana, IN
Richard Thomas SINState Of IndianaView Details
Mark Williams C
State Of Indiana, IN
Mark Williams CINState Of IndianaView Details
Duane Alverson A
Lake County, IN
Duane Alverson AINLake CountyView Details
Matthew Thomas L
State Of Indiana, IN
Matthew Thomas LINState Of IndianaView Details
Pankaj Patel G
State Of Indiana, IN
Pankaj Patel GINState Of IndianaView Details
Charles Read W
State Of Indiana, IN
Charles Read WINState Of IndianaView Details
Brian Shattuck W
State Of Indiana, IN
Brian Shattuck WINState Of IndianaView Details
Donald Thornton L
State Of Indiana, IN
Donald Thornton LINState Of IndianaView Details
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