Law Enforcement Officer

Avarage Salary
based on 173 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $25k
$25k - $39k
$39k - $54k
$54k - $69k
$69k - $83k
$83k - $98k
$98k - $112k
$112k - $127k
$127k - $141k
$141k - $156k

Law Enforcement Officer - employees list 173

Daniel Campbell
Maricopa County, AZ$155,584
Daniel CampbellAZMaricopa County$155,584View Details
Stephen Wetherington L
City of Coral Springs, FL$145,603
Stephen Wetherington LFLCity of Coral Springs$145,603View Details
David Weissman S
City of Coral Springs, FL$143,123
David Weissman SFLCity of Coral Springs$143,123View Details
Eric Jomant A
City of Coral Springs, FL$137,412
Eric Jomant AFLCity of Coral Springs$137,412View Details
Racine Jeremy J
City of Coral Springs, FL$131,792
Racine Jeremy JFLCity of Coral Springs$131,792View Details
Marinez Franklin
City of Coral Springs, FL$131,072
Marinez FranklinFLCity of Coral Springs$131,072View Details
Levin Scott R
City of Coral Springs, FL$126,994
Levin Scott RFLCity of Coral Springs$126,994View Details
David Jones
County of Maricopa, AZ$125,923
David JonesAZCounty of Maricopa$125,923View Details
Courtney Vassell E
City of Coral Springs, FL$124,431
Courtney Vassell EFLCity of Coral Springs$124,431View Details
Richard Lopez
County Of Maricopa, AZ$123,323
Richard LopezAZCounty Of Maricopa$123,323View Details
Clark Scott D
City of Coral Springs, FL$120,584
Clark Scott DFLCity of Coral Springs$120,584View Details
Dwight Hodgson J
City of Coral Springs, FL$120,161
Dwight Hodgson JFLCity of Coral Springs$120,161View Details
Anderson Taylor
City of Coral Springs, FL$120,042
Anderson TaylorFLCity of Coral Springs$120,042View Details
Perez Jesse R
City of Coral Springs, FL$118,748
Perez Jesse RFLCity of Coral Springs$118,748View Details
Johnson James A
City of Coral Springs, FL$117,825
Johnson James AFLCity of Coral Springs$117,825View Details
Ames Robert T
City of Coral Springs, FL$117,582
Ames Robert TFLCity of Coral Springs$117,582View Details
Christopher Fahey J
City of Coral Springs, FL$116,860
Christopher Fahey JFLCity of Coral Springs$116,860View Details
Mario Vara-Valderrama A
City of Coral Springs, FL$116,703
Mario Vara-Valderrama AFLCity of Coral Springs$116,703View Details
Maclean James M
City of Coral Springs, FL$116,597
Maclean James MFLCity of Coral Springs$116,597View Details
Robert Coupe W
City of Coral Springs, FL$116,461
Robert Coupe WFLCity of Coral Springs$116,461View Details
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