Maintenance Laborer

Avarage Salary
based on 641 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $24k
$24k - $38k
$38k - $51k
$51k - $65k
$65k - $79k
$79k - $93k
$93k - $107k
$107k - $120k
$120k - $134k
$134k - $148k

Maintenance Laborer - employees list 641

Darrin Peterson
Los Angeles, CA$148,070
Darrin PetersonCALos Angeles$148,070View Details
Albert Duenas
Los Angeles, CA$147,781
Albert DuenasCALos Angeles$147,781View Details
Moises Ramirez
Los Angeles, CA$143,508
Moises RamirezCALos Angeles$143,508View Details
Jacinto Gomez
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, CA$142,212
Jacinto GomezCALos Angeles Department of Water and Power$142,212View Details
Kevin Cue Mc
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, CA$141,090
Kevin Cue McCALos Angeles Department of Water and Power$141,090View Details
Cleveland Johnson
Los Angeles, CA$137,528
Cleveland JohnsonCALos Angeles$137,528View Details
Alvin Gray J
Los Angeles, CA$135,717
Alvin Gray JCALos Angeles$135,717View Details
Edgar Garcia
Los Angeles, CA$135,081
Edgar GarciaCALos Angeles$135,081View Details
Alvin Gray J
Los Angeles, CA$134,968
Alvin Gray JCALos Angeles$134,968View Details
David Pro
Los Angeles, CA$134,233
David ProCALos Angeles$134,233View Details
Froylan Medina V
Los Angeles, CA$134,187
Froylan Medina VCALos Angeles$134,187View Details
Cesar Zapata
Los Angeles, CA$133,316
Cesar ZapataCALos Angeles$133,316View Details
Jonathan Pompey
Los Angeles, CA$131,767
Jonathan PompeyCALos Angeles$131,767View Details
Anthony Gaines M
Los Angeles, CA$131,675
Anthony Gaines MCALos Angeles$131,675View Details
Saul Ramirez
Los Angeles, CA$130,638
Saul RamirezCALos Angeles$130,638View Details
Eddie Arreola
Los Angeles, CA$130,569
Eddie ArreolaCALos Angeles$130,569View Details
Kevin Cue M Mc
Los Angeles, CA$130,370
Kevin Cue M McCALos Angeles$130,370View Details
Gustavo Zaldivar
Los Angeles, CA$130,327
Gustavo ZaldivarCALos Angeles$130,327View Details
Andres Avalos M
Los Angeles, CA$129,733
Andres Avalos MCALos Angeles$129,733View Details
Alan Murray
Los Angeles, CA$129,399
Alan MurrayCALos Angeles$129,399View Details
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