Patrol Officer

Avarage Salary
based on 852 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $60k
$60k - $111k
$111k - $161k
$161k - $211k
$211k - $262k
$262k - $312k
$312k - $363k
$363k - $413k
$413k - $463k
$463k - $0.5M

Patrol Officer - employees list 852

Romeo Ferrucio
Town of Winthrop, MA$513,724
Romeo FerrucioMATown of Winthrop$513,724View Details
Luther Roddy
City of Cleveland, OH$251,453
Luther RoddyOHCity of Cleveland$251,453View Details
Stephen Lamberis
City of Gloucester, MA$249,935
Stephen LamberisMACity of Gloucester$249,935View Details
Paul Benedictis M
City of Cleveland, OH$243,920
Paul Benedictis MOHCity of Cleveland$243,920View Details
Robert Santo
Town of Danvers, MA$235,411
Robert SantoMATown of Danvers$235,411View Details
Long Dang T
City of Cleveland, OH$232,965
Long Dang TOHCity of Cleveland$232,965View Details
Danny Mui
Town of Granby, CT$227,917
Danny MuiCTTown of Granby$227,917View Details
John Kincaid E
City of Cleveland, OH$217,735
John Kincaid EOHCity of Cleveland$217,735View Details
Andrew Gasiewski J
City of Cleveland, OH$217,106
Andrew Gasiewski JOHCity of Cleveland$217,106View Details
Robert Santo C
Town of Danvers, MA$216,133
Robert Santo CMATown of Danvers$216,133View Details
Brian Dorin M
City of Cleveland, OH$212,733
Brian Dorin MOHCity of Cleveland$212,733View Details
Alexander Aiello S
City of Gloucester, MA$211,740
Alexander Aiello SMACity of Gloucester$211,740View Details
Robert Santo
Town Of Danvers, MA$211,051
Robert SantoMATown Of Danvers$211,051View Details
Jack Tindall R
Indianapolis Consolidated City, IN$210,689
Jack Tindall RINIndianapolis Consolidated City$210,689View Details
Santo Robert
Town of Danvers, MA$208,575
Santo RobertMATown of Danvers$208,575View Details
Kevin Nigohosian T
City of Lawrence, MA$208,430
Kevin Nigohosian TMACity of Lawrence$208,430View Details
Anthony Trupiano N
City of Gloucester, MA$207,435
Anthony Trupiano NMACity of Gloucester$207,435View Details
Paul Marschall A
City of Cleveland, OH$204,244
Paul Marschall AOHCity of Cleveland$204,244View Details
Thomas Smith W
City of Cleveland, OH$203,685
Thomas Smith WOHCity of Cleveland$203,685View Details
Robert Santo
Town Of Danvers And School District Of Danvers, MA$202,008
Robert SantoMATown Of Danvers And School District Of Danvers$202,008View Details
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