Physician Assistant

Avarage Salary
based on 3,048 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $57k
$57k - $103k
$103k - $149k
$149k - $196k
$196k - $242k
$242k - $289k
$289k - $335k
$335k - $381k
$381k - $428k
$428k - $474k

Physician Assistant - employees list 3,048

Scott Ford
Univeristy Of Utah, UT$474,161
Scott FordUTUniveristy Of Utah$474,161View Details
Brett Hymas S
Samaritan Healthcare, WA$414,476
Brett Hymas SWASamaritan Healthcare$414,476View Details
Brett Hymas S
Samaritan Healthcare, WA$412,913
Brett Hymas SWASamaritan Healthcare$412,913View Details
Jessica Dodge T
San Francisco, CA$357,850
Jessica Dodge TCASan Francisco$357,850View Details
Sonya Knight
Los Angeles County, CA$343,635
Sonya KnightCALos Angeles County$343,635View Details
Nancy Yamasaki
Los Angeles County, CA$303,888
Nancy YamasakiCALos Angeles County$303,888View Details
Scott Tyler Nelson
Univeristy Of Utah, UT$271,619
Scott Tyler NelsonUTUniveristy Of Utah$271,619View Details
Michele Mozelsio
San Francisco, CA$270,948
Michele MozelsioCASan Francisco$270,948View Details
Aldo Gomez
San Francisco, CA$265,735
Aldo GomezCASan Francisco$265,735View Details
Gemechu Kurfessa
Los Angeles County, CA$264,958
Gemechu KurfessaCALos Angeles County$264,958View Details
Robin McBride E
San Francisco, CA$263,279
Robin McBride ECASan Francisco$263,279View Details
Nancy Yamasaki
Los Angeles County, CA$263,271
Nancy YamasakiCALos Angeles County$263,271View Details
Rose Quinones
San Francisco, CA$262,944
Rose QuinonesCASan Francisco$262,944View Details
Dudley Fukunaga
Los Angeles County, CA$261,229
Dudley FukunagaCALos Angeles County$261,229View Details
Jessica Dodge T
City of San Francisco, CA$259,541
Jessica Dodge TCACity of San Francisco$259,541View Details
Henrietta Anakwenze
Los Angeles County, CA$258,909
Henrietta AnakwenzeCALos Angeles County$258,909View Details
Sears Barbara Caiquo
Los Angeles County, CA$258,554
Sears Barbara CaiquoCALos Angeles County$258,554View Details
Barbara Caiquo-sears
Los Angeles County, CA$255,524
Barbara Caiquo-searsCALos Angeles County$255,524View Details
Rose Quinones
San Francisco, CA$254,845
Rose QuinonesCASan Francisco$254,845View Details
Richard Stowe R
Samaritan Healthcare, WA$254,009
Richard Stowe RWASamaritan Healthcare$254,009View Details
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