Police Officer

Avarage Salary
based on 130,267 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $87k
$87k - $165k
$165k - $242k
$242k - $319k
$319k - $397k
$397k - $474k
$474k - $0.6M
$0.6M - $0.6M
$0.6M - $0.7M
$0.7M - $0.8M

Police Officer - employees list 130,267

Chris Urbina
Port Authority Of New York & New Jersey, NY$783,688
Chris UrbinaNYPort Authority Of New York & New Jersey$783,688View Details
Michael Howell
Glendora, CA$686,866
Michael HowellCAGlendora$686,866View Details
Shawn Harris N
City of Boston, MA$684,411
Shawn Harris NMACity of Boston$684,411View Details
David Williams C
City of Boston, MA$677,681
David Williams CMACity of Boston$677,681View Details
Alvaro Ancheta
Glendora, CA$663,305
Alvaro AnchetaCAGlendora$663,305View Details
Malcolm Miller E.
Oakland, CA$640,736
Malcolm Miller E.CAOakland$640,736View Details
Adrian Schoolcraft P
Police Department, NY$640,204
Adrian Schoolcraft PNYPolice Department$640,204View Details
Timothy Dolan S.
Oakland, CA$601,135
Timothy Dolan S.CAOakland$601,135View Details
Efren Cordura
Glendora, CA$600,113
Efren CorduraCAGlendora$600,113View Details
Jared Horn M
Huntington Beach, CA$593,515
Jared Horn MCAHuntington Beach$593,515View Details
Timothy Dolan S.
Oakland, CA$589,810
Timothy Dolan S.CAOakland$589,810View Details
Daniel Antillon
Glendora, CA$587,115
Daniel AntillonCAGlendora$587,115View Details
William Kodadek
Glendora, CA$586,573
William KodadekCAGlendora$586,573View Details
Craig Schubert
Glendora, CA$577,237
Craig SchubertCAGlendora$577,237View Details
Ronnie Jones C
City of Boston, MA$577,123
Ronnie Jones CMACity of Boston$577,123View Details
Scott Lewis
Glendora, CA$569,133
Scott LewisCAGlendora$569,133View Details
Robbie Haney
Glendora, CA$566,559
Robbie HaneyCAGlendora$566,559View Details
Christopher Daniel Mar
Oakland, CA$545,398
Christopher Daniel MarCAOakland$545,398View Details
Daniel Guerra
San Jose, CA$544,507
Daniel GuerraCASan Jose$544,507View Details
Mauricio Perez P
Oakland, CA$537,109
Mauricio Perez PCAOakland$537,109View Details
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