Protective Services Worker

Avarage Salary
based on 209 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$13k - $32k
$32k - $52k
$52k - $72k
$72k - $92k
$92k - $112k
$112k - $132k
$132k - $152k
$152k - $171k
$171k - $191k
$191k - $211k
Best Paid In
1. City of San Francisco , CA$89,535

Protective Services Worker - employees list 209

Mabel Chan
City of San Francisco, CA$211,166
Mabel ChanCACity of San Francisco$211,166View Details
Alejandra Calderon M
San Francisco, CA$197,451
Alejandra Calderon MCASan Francisco$197,451View Details
Gustavo Garrard
San Francisco, CA$196,240
Gustavo GarrardCASan Francisco$196,240View Details
Ricardo Montenegro M
San Francisco, CA$187,070
Ricardo Montenegro MCASan Francisco$187,070View Details
Mayra Gomez D
San Francisco, CA$186,807
Mayra Gomez DCASan Francisco$186,807View Details
Patricia Flynn M
San Francisco, CA$186,326
Patricia Flynn MCASan Francisco$186,326View Details
Victor Pena A
San Francisco, CA$181,757
Victor Pena ACASan Francisco$181,757View Details
Dimitra Stathopoulos N
San Francisco, CA$175,669
Dimitra Stathopoulos NCASan Francisco$175,669View Details
Dahlia Pinedo E
San Diego County, CA$175,545
Dahlia Pinedo ECASan Diego County$175,545View Details
Ethelbert Ogbuehi
San Francisco, CA$175,461
Ethelbert OgbuehiCASan Francisco$175,461View Details
Mary Payette C
San Francisco, CA$175,143
Mary Payette CCASan Francisco$175,143View Details
Rhonda Holmes E
San Francisco, CA$174,049
Rhonda Holmes ECASan Francisco$174,049View Details
Maria Elena Martinez
San Francisco, CA$171,984
Maria Elena MartinezCASan Francisco$171,984View Details
Andrea Canziani C
San Francisco, CA$171,530
Andrea Canziani CCASan Francisco$171,530View Details
Michelle Garabedian D
San Francisco, CA$171,219
Michelle Garabedian DCASan Francisco$171,219View Details
Anca Bujes E
San Francisco, CA$170,200
Anca Bujes ECASan Francisco$170,200View Details
Maria Sanchez I
San Francisco, CA$170,014
Maria Sanchez ICASan Francisco$170,014View Details
Larisa Rostran-Navarro I
San Francisco, CA$168,729
Larisa Rostran-Navarro ICASan Francisco$168,729View Details
Kevin Balbona M
San Francisco, CA$165,185
Kevin Balbona MCASan Francisco$165,185View Details
Maria Ritner L
San Francisco, CA$162,870
Maria Ritner LCASan Francisco$162,870View Details
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