Recreation Leader /Specialist Iii - Nc

Avarage Salary
based on 115 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$0k - $1k
$1k - $2k
$2k - $3k
$3k - $4k
$4k - $5k
$5k - $6k
$6k - $7k
$7k - $8k
$8k - $9k
$9k - $10k
Best Paid In
1. City of Long Beach , CA$4,114

Recreation Leader /Specialist Iii - Nc - employees list 115

Jolani Karen Mastrangelo
Long Beach, CA$18,432
Jolani Karen MastrangeloCALong Beach$18,432View Details
Kristen Say Ct
Long Beach, CA$17,916
Kristen Say CtCALong Beach$17,916View Details
Alijah Crystal Vega
Long Beach, CA$17,902
Alijah Crystal VegaCALong Beach$17,902View Details
Oshay Jamar Hall
Long Beach, CA$17,543
Oshay Jamar HallCALong Beach$17,543View Details
Gerald Devon Grant
Long Beach, CA$17,420
Gerald Devon GrantCALong Beach$17,420View Details
Jared Blunk
Long Beach, CA$17,197
Jared BlunkCALong Beach$17,197View Details
Alejandra Lopez-Contreras
Long Beach, CA$17,062
Alejandra Lopez-ContrerasCALong Beach$17,062View Details
Diego Duarte Ramirez I
Long Beach, CA$17,040
Diego Duarte Ramirez ICALong Beach$17,040View Details
Deandrea Marie McCoy
Long Beach, CA$17,012
Deandrea Marie McCoy CALong Beach$17,012View Details
Nancy Toun
Long Beach, CA$16,736
Nancy TounCALong Beach$16,736View Details
Lashawn Stanley T
Long Beach, CA$16,583
Lashawn Stanley TCALong Beach$16,583View Details
Michael Jamir Williams
Long Beach, CA$16,508
Michael Jamir WilliamsCALong Beach$16,508View Details
Dominic Freeman
Long Beach, CA$16,450
Dominic Freeman CALong Beach$16,450View Details
Ismael Lopez
Long Beach, CA$16,062
Ismael Lopez CALong Beach$16,062View Details
Antoinette Largent
Long Beach, CA$16,049
Antoinette Largent CALong Beach$16,049View Details
Hong Phoumea
Long Beach, CA$16,037
Hong PhoumeaCALong Beach$16,037View Details
Patricia Ann Dawson
Long Beach, CA$16,005
Patricia Ann DawsonCALong Beach$16,005View Details
Patricia Ann Dawson
Long Beach, CA$15,842
Patricia Ann Dawson CALong Beach$15,842View Details
Jordan Brent Cornell Collier
Long Beach, CA$15,831
Jordan Brent Cornell CollierCALong Beach$15,831View Details
Patricia Ann Dawson
Long Beach, CA$15,804
Patricia Ann DawsonCALong Beach$15,804View Details
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