Refuse Operator

Avarage Salary
based on 99 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $23k
$23k - $35k
$35k - $48k
$48k - $60k
$60k - $72k
$72k - $85k
$85k - $97k
$97k - $109k
$109k - $122k
$122k - $134k
Best Paid In
1. City of Long Beach , CA$41,455

Refuse Operator - employees list 99

Juan Luis Ponce Gonzalez
Long Beach, CA$134,206
Juan Luis Ponce GonzalezCALong Beach$134,206View Details
Francisco Aguiniga
Long Beach, CA$128,966
Francisco AguinigaCALong Beach$128,966View Details
Jaime Lopez Hernandez
Long Beach, CA$124,481
Jaime Lopez HernandezCALong Beach$124,481View Details
Octavio Camarillo
Long Beach, CA$121,839
Octavio CamarilloCALong Beach$121,839View Details
Tejan Kamara
Long Beach, CA$120,108
Tejan KamaraCALong Beach$120,108View Details
Hank Lim
Long Beach, CA$118,300
Hank LimCALong Beach$118,300View Details
Sonny Richardson B
Long Beach, CA$117,481
Sonny Richardson BCALong Beach$117,481View Details
Andrew Brown E
Long Beach, CA$115,229
Andrew Brown ECALong Beach$115,229View Details
Abad Jesse Torres Jr
Long Beach, CA$112,489
Abad Jesse Torres JrCALong Beach$112,489View Details
Math Phim
Long Beach, CA$111,429
Math PhimCALong Beach$111,429View Details
Deangelo Ramon Wilson
Long Beach, CA$111,229
Deangelo Ramon WilsonCALong Beach$111,229View Details
Leng Seng
Long Beach, CA$110,441
Leng SengCALong Beach$110,441View Details
Marcos Martinez
Long Beach, CA$107,216
Marcos MartinezCALong Beach$107,216View Details
Everado Padilla
Long Beach, CA$107,061
Everado PadillaCALong Beach$107,061View Details
Willie Sims D
Long Beach, CA$106,015
Willie Sims DCALong Beach$106,015View Details
Billy Claxton R
Long Beach, CA$104,219
Billy Claxton RCALong Beach$104,219View Details
Phillip Diaz R
Long Beach, CA$104,199
Phillip Diaz RCALong Beach$104,199View Details
Ramon Rodriguez Gonzalez
Long Beach, CA$103,266
Ramon Rodriguez GonzalezCALong Beach$103,266View Details
Jose Corona L
Long Beach, CA$103,027
Jose Corona LCALong Beach$103,027View Details
Joseph Phillip Brown
Long Beach, CA$102,976
Joseph Phillip BrownCALong Beach$102,976View Details
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