Registered Nurse

Avarage Salary
based on 9,158 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $51k
$51k - $92k
$92k - $133k
$133k - $175k
$175k - $216k
$216k - $257k
$257k - $298k
$298k - $339k
$339k - $380k
$380k - $421k

Registered Nurse - employees list 9,158

Maria V.e. Warriner
Contra Costa County, CA$421,361
Maria V.e. WarrinerCAContra Costa County$421,361View Details
Emelita Hathaway M
City of San Francisco, CA$415,614
Emelita Hathaway MCACity of San Francisco$415,614View Details
Genene Hailu K
Contra Costa County, CA$380,828
Genene Hailu KCAContra Costa County$380,828View Details
Grace Bondoc G
City of San Francisco, CA$376,341
Grace Bondoc GCACity of San Francisco$376,341View Details
Elizabeth Oha C
Contra Costa County, CA$360,207
Elizabeth Oha CCAContra Costa County$360,207View Details
Edora Reydante R
State of California, CA$360,163
Edora Reydante RCAState of California$360,163View Details
Thinzar Hlaing
State of California, CA$359,045
Thinzar HlaingCAState of California$359,045View Details
Emmanuel Bulatao
City of San Francisco, CA$357,781
Emmanuel BulataoCACity of San Francisco$357,781View Details
Mariabene Salarda G
City of San Francisco, CA$356,871
Mariabene Salarda GCACity of San Francisco$356,871View Details
Bernard Amapps
State of California, CA$339,344
Bernard AmappsCAState of California$339,344View Details
Christian Kitchin E
City of San Francisco, CA$338,550
Christian Kitchin ECACity of San Francisco$338,550View Details
Chukwuma V.s. Ubannwa
Contra Costa County, CA$337,462
Chukwuma V.s. UbannwaCAContra Costa County$337,462View Details
Teresa Guzman Agas Ma De
Contra Costa County, CA$335,964
Teresa Guzman Agas Ma DeCAContra Costa County$335,964View Details
Bernard Amapps
State of California, CA$334,251
Bernard AmappsCAState of California$334,251View Details
Josephine Gonsalves S
Contra Costa County, CA$333,652
Josephine Gonsalves SCAContra Costa County$333,652View Details
Suranjan Baidya
State of California, CA$331,529
Suranjan BaidyaCAState of California$331,529View Details
May Riley A
Contra Costa County, CA$329,544
May Riley ACAContra Costa County$329,544View Details
Tanya Hoang T
State of California, CA$324,540
Tanya Hoang TCAState of California$324,540View Details
Michael Nwishi C
State of California, CA$324,430
Michael Nwishi CCAState of California$324,430View Details
Patrick Kabangu C
State of California, CA$321,891
Patrick Kabangu CCAState of California$321,891View Details
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