Residential Counslr

Avarage Salary
based on 129 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $21k
$21k - $31k
$31k - $41k
$41k - $52k
$52k - $62k
$62k - $73k
$73k - $83k
$83k - $94k
$94k - $104k
$104k - $115k
Best Paid In
1. County Of Loudoun , VA$48,328

Residential Counslr - employees list 129

James Helinski J
County Of Loudoun, VA$114,783
James Helinski JVACounty Of Loudoun$114,783View Details
Barbara Aboagye
County Of Loudoun, VA$101,378
Barbara AboagyeVACounty Of Loudoun$101,378View Details
James Helinski J
County Of Loudoun, VA$88,321
James Helinski JVACounty Of Loudoun$88,321View Details
Susan Milam
County Of Loudoun, VA$82,491
Susan MilamVACounty Of Loudoun$82,491View Details
Bernadette Binns E
County Of Loudoun, VA$81,783
Bernadette Binns EVACounty Of Loudoun$81,783View Details
Abdul Bangura
County Of Loudoun, VA$81,033
Abdul BanguraVACounty Of Loudoun$81,033View Details
Ronald Veney E
County Of Loudoun, VA$80,631
Ronald Veney EVACounty Of Loudoun$80,631View Details
John Terpening E
County Of Loudoun, VA$79,323
John Terpening EVACounty Of Loudoun$79,323View Details
Susan Milam
County Of Loudoun, VA$79,106
Susan MilamVACounty Of Loudoun$79,106View Details
Kathleen Rodriguez A
County Of Loudoun, VA$78,067
Kathleen Rodriguez AVACounty Of Loudoun$78,067View Details
Bernadette Binns E
County Of Loudoun, VA$77,431
Bernadette Binns EVACounty Of Loudoun$77,431View Details
Mary Fabian C
County Of Loudoun, VA$75,130
Mary Fabian CVACounty Of Loudoun$75,130View Details
Alpha Kaba K
County Of Loudoun, VA$74,402
Alpha Kaba KVACounty Of Loudoun$74,402View Details
Ronald Veney E Jr
County Of Loudoun, VA$73,786
Ronald Veney E JrVACounty Of Loudoun$73,786View Details
Diane Daddio S
County Of Loudoun, VA$73,662
Diane Daddio SVACounty Of Loudoun$73,662View Details
Susan Moxley E
County Of Loudoun, VA$73,253
Susan Moxley EVACounty Of Loudoun$73,253View Details
Stephen Mcminn D
County Of Loudoun, VA$71,710
Stephen Mcminn DVACounty Of Loudoun$71,710View Details
Edith Mensah
County Of Loudoun, VA$71,379
Edith MensahVACounty Of Loudoun$71,379View Details
Cecelia Cheah W
County Of Loudoun, VA$70,955
Cecelia Cheah WVACounty Of Loudoun$70,955View Details
Frederick Amoh
County Of Loudoun, VA$70,099
Frederick AmohVACounty Of Loudoun$70,099View Details
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