School Social Worker

Avarage Salary
based on 13 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $33k
$33k - $56k
$56k - $79k
$79k - $102k
$102k - $125k
$125k - $149k
$149k - $172k
$172k - $195k
$195k - $218k
$218k - $241k

School Social Worker - employees list 13

Maria Garcia
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$240,892
Maria GarciaNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$240,892View Details
Patricia Ryan A
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$233,790
Patricia Ryan ANYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$233,790View Details
Evelyn Torres
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$231,090
Evelyn TorresNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$231,090View Details
Lillian Rivera
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$210,390
Lillian RiveraNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$210,390View Details
Martha Torres I
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$209,471
Martha Torres INYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$209,471View Details
Elizabeth Santana
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$206,484
Elizabeth SantanaNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$206,484View Details
Juan Rodriguez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$205,091
Juan RodriguezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$205,091View Details
Denise Sanchez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$190,114
Denise SanchezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$190,114View Details
William Oconnor J
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$177,825
William Oconnor JNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$177,825View Details
Pearl Berger Fisk
Education Admin, Department of, NY$166,967
Pearl Berger Fisk NYEducation Admin, Department of$166,967View Details
Myrta Dasilva I
Education Admin, Department of, NY$164,442
Myrta Dasilva INYEducation Admin, Department of$164,442View Details
Pearl Berger Fisk
Education Admin, Department of, NY$164,281
Pearl Berger Fisk NYEducation Admin, Department of$164,281View Details
Shara Lothane
Education Admin, Department of, NY$164,093
Shara Lothane NYEducation Admin, Department of$164,093View Details
Raquel Chiasson
Contra Costa County Office of Education, CA$164,014
Raquel ChiassonCAContra Costa County Office of Education$164,014View Details
Eugene Coco B
Education Admin, Department of, NY$163,896
Eugene Coco BNYEducation Admin, Department of$163,896View Details
Sharon Davis J
Education Admin, Department of, NY$163,760
Sharon Davis JNYEducation Admin, Department of$163,760View Details
Marva Martin V
Education Admin, Department of, NY$163,728
Marva Martin VNYEducation Admin, Department of$163,728View Details
Mabel Lafontaine J
Education Admin, Department of, NY$163,419
Mabel Lafontaine JNYEducation Admin, Department of$163,419View Details
Anthony Mazza
Education Admin, Department of, NY$163,067
Anthony Mazza NYEducation Admin, Department of$163,067View Details
Phyllis Jacoby C
Education Admin, Department of, NY$162,922
Phyllis Jacoby CNYEducation Admin, Department of$162,922View Details
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