Avarage Salary
based on 5,848 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $29k
$29k - $47k
$47k - $66k
$66k - $85k
$85k - $103k
$103k - $122k
$122k - $141k
$141k - $159k
$159k - $178k
$178k - $196k

Secretary - employees list 5,848

Celia Hernandez
Los Angeles County, CA$196,492
Celia HernandezCALos Angeles County$196,492View Details
Brian Kelly P
State Of California, CA$192,692
Brian Kelly PCAState Of California$192,692View Details
Brian Kelly P
California State Transportation Agency, CA$188,451
Brian Kelly PCACalifornia State Transportation Agency$188,451View Details
Brian Kelly P
California State Transportation Agency, CA$183,855
Brian Kelly PCACalifornia State Transportation Agency$183,855View Details
Jeanne Mullin
Town of Scituate, MA$183,241
Jeanne MullinMATown of Scituate$183,241View Details
Elizabeth Williams A.
Las Vegas, NV$183,125
Elizabeth Williams A.NVLas Vegas$183,125View Details
Anna Kittrell
Anadarko Ms, OK$182,873
Anna KittrellOKAnadarko Ms$182,873View Details
Khrystal Butler Sizelove
Khrystal Butler SizeloveFDDEPARTMENT OF TREASURY$173,987View Details
Michelle Moran F
Town of Scituate, MA$173,441
Michelle Moran FMATown of Scituate$173,441View Details
Margaret Duggan M
Town of Scituate, MA$173,441
Margaret Duggan MMATown of Scituate$173,441View Details
Michael Slater-Lunsford
Los Angeles County, CA$172,690
Michael Slater-LunsfordCALos Angeles County$172,690View Details
Susan Lowrance
Town of Scituate, MA$172,441
Susan LowranceMATown of Scituate$172,441View Details
Nancy Antenore
Town of Scituate, MA$168,172
Nancy AntenoreMATown of Scituate$168,172View Details
Michelle Cohen
Los Angeles, CA$167,786
Michelle CohenCALos Angeles$167,786View Details
Sizelove Khrystal Butler
Sizelove Khrystal ButlerFDDEPARTMENT OF TREASURY$167,537View Details
Darlene Shu-Mai Wong
Alameda County, CA$167,263
Darlene Shu-Mai WongCAAlameda County$167,263View Details
Tammy Tedeschi
Town of Scituate, MA$167,171
Tammy TedeschiMATown of Scituate$167,171View Details
Carlos Rivas
Los Angeles, CA$161,504
Carlos RivasCALos Angeles$161,504View Details
Audrey Riggins
Central Connecticut State University, CT$160,484
Audrey RigginsCTCentral Connecticut State University$160,484View Details
Aischa Standing Crow
Mountain View, CA$159,003
Aischa Standing CrowCAMountain View$159,003View Details
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