Services Assistant

Avarage Salary
based on 16 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $17k
$17k - $25k
$25k - $32k
$32k - $39k
$39k - $47k
$47k - $54k
$54k - $61k
$61k - $68k
$68k - $76k
$76k - $83k
Best Paid In
1. Arlington County , VA$51,398

Services Assistant - employees list 16

Tamara Celestini
Arlington County, VA$82,930
Tamara CelestiniVAArlington County$82,930View Details
Donald Guillen A
Arlington County, VA$81,293
Donald Guillen AVAArlington County$81,293View Details
Samuel Perdomo M
Arlington County, VA$71,345
Samuel Perdomo MVAArlington County$71,345View Details
Ricardo Lubin D
Arlington County, VA$60,720
Ricardo Lubin DVAArlington County$60,720View Details
Cynthia Johnson R
Arlington County, VA$57,133
Cynthia Johnson RVAArlington County$57,133View Details
Jennifer Torres
Arlington County, VA$56,914
Jennifer TorresVAArlington County$56,914View Details
Rachelle Turner D
Arlington County, VA$56,204
Rachelle Turner DVAArlington County$56,204View Details
Ervine Joan
Arlington County, VA$54,184
Ervine JoanVAArlington County$54,184View Details
Johnson Cynthia
Arlington County, VA$54,184
Johnson CynthiaVAArlington County$54,184View Details
Lynne Bullock V
County Of Arlington, VA$54,184
Lynne Bullock VVACounty Of Arlington$54,184View Details
Cynthia Johnson R
County Of Arlington, VA$53,643
Cynthia Johnson RVACounty Of Arlington$53,643View Details
Joan Ervine A
County Of Arlington, VA$53,643
Joan Ervine AVACounty Of Arlington$53,643View Details
Joan Ervine A
County of Arlington, VA$53,643
Joan Ervine AVACounty of Arlington$53,643View Details
Blandon Irinelda A
County of Arlington, VA$53,643
Blandon Irinelda AVACounty of Arlington$53,643View Details
Lynne Bullock V
County of Arlington, VA$53,206
Lynne Bullock VVACounty of Arlington$53,206View Details
Lynne Bullock
County Of Arlington, VA$53,206
Lynne BullockVACounty Of Arlington$53,206View Details
Blandon Irinelda
County Of Arlington, VA$52,707
Blandon IrineldaVACounty Of Arlington$52,707View Details
Jose Lainez F
Arlington County, VA$52,133
Jose Lainez FVAArlington County$52,133View Details
Reyes Walter Marquina G
Arlington County, VA$52,122
Reyes Walter Marquina GVAArlington County$52,122View Details
Elizabeth Mcdade
County Of Arlington, VA$52,000
Elizabeth McdadeVACounty Of Arlington$52,000View Details
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