Social Service Professionals

Avarage Salary
based on 15,402 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $27k
$27k - $45k
$45k - $62k
$62k - $80k
$80k - $97k
$97k - $115k
$115k - $132k
$132k - $150k
$150k - $167k
$167k - $184k

Social Service Professionals - employees list 15,402

Gary Junker N
North Carolina Department of Public Safety, NC$184,476
Gary Junker NNCNorth Carolina Department of Public Safety$184,476View Details
Sullivan Matthew J
Town of Chapel Hill, NC$140,020
Sullivan Matthew JNCTown of Chapel Hill$140,020View Details
Nancy Medlin
Town of Clayton, NC$138,997
Nancy MedlinNCTown of Clayton$138,997View Details
Jerrie McFalls G
Henderson County, NC$136,760
Jerrie McFalls GNCHenderson County$136,760View Details
Sabrina Russell-Holloman R
Sandhills Center, NC$136,182
Sabrina Russell-Holloman RNCSandhills Center$136,182View Details
Annemarie Maiorano
Wake County, NC$134,391
Annemarie MaioranoNCWake County$134,391View Details
Matthew Sullivan J
Town Of Chapel Hill, NC$132,558
Matthew Sullivan JNCTown Of Chapel Hill$132,558View Details
Farrow Crystal S
Wake County, NC$131,788
Farrow Crystal SNCWake County$131,788View Details
Nancy Medlin
Town Of Clayton, NC$131,376
Nancy MedlinNCTown Of Clayton$131,376View Details
Michelle Winstead D
New Hanover County, NC$131,210
Michelle Winstead DNCNew Hanover County$131,210View Details
Antonia Pedroza V
Wake County, NC$130,926
Antonia Pedroza VNCWake County$130,926View Details
Nancy Medlin
Town Of Clayton, NC$130,915
Nancy MedlinNCTown Of Clayton$130,915View Details
Hardin Phillip L
Buncombe County, NC$129,946
Hardin Phillip LNCBuncombe County$129,946View Details
Matthew Sullivan J
Town Of Chapel Hill, NC$127,490
Matthew Sullivan JNCTown Of Chapel Hill$127,490View Details
Conley Michael
North Carolina Department of Public Safety, NC$127,192
Conley MichaelNCNorth Carolina Department of Public Safety$127,192View Details
Michael Conley
Department Of Public Safety, NC$126,244
Michael ConleyNCDepartment Of Public Safety$126,244View Details
Kenneth Yearick H
Department Of Public Safety, NC$125,491
Kenneth Yearick HNCDepartment Of Public Safety$125,491View Details
Jean Steinberg L
North Carolina Department of Public Safety, NC$124,886
Jean Steinberg LNCNorth Carolina Department of Public Safety$124,886View Details
Lisa Eby C
Buncombe County, NC$124,323
Lisa Eby CNCBuncombe County$124,323View Details
Kenneth Wilson M
Department Of Public Safety, NC$123,642
Kenneth Wilson MNCDepartment Of Public Safety$123,642View Details
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