Staff Counsel Iii

Avarage Salary
based on 665 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $26k
$26k - $42k
$42k - $58k
$58k - $74k
$74k - $89k
$89k - $105k
$105k - $121k
$121k - $137k
$137k - $153k
$153k - $169k
Best Paid In
1. State Of California , CA$119,698

Staff Counsel Iii - employees list 665

Candace Blaz R
State of California, CA$168,545
Candace Blaz RCAState of California$168,545View Details
Bruce Waggoner P
State of California, CA$163,687
Bruce Waggoner PCAState of California$163,687View Details
Blaine Noblett A
State Of California, CA$147,136
Blaine Noblett ACAState Of California$147,136View Details
Evan Adams R
State Of California, CA$142,873
Evan Adams RCAState Of California$142,873View Details
Clara Williams
State Of California, CA$142,628
Clara WilliamsCAState Of California$142,628View Details
Khoa Kenny Nguyen V
State Of California, CA$141,680
Khoa Kenny Nguyen VCAState Of California$141,680View Details
Erika Giorgi S
State Of California, CA$140,125
Erika Giorgi SCAState Of California$140,125View Details
Kristi Morioka A
State Of California, CA$140,072
Kristi Morioka ACAState Of California$140,072View Details
Linda Thepot H
State Of California, CA$137,532
Linda Thepot HCAState Of California$137,532View Details
Khoa Kenny Nguyen V
State Of California, CA$137,531
Khoa Kenny Nguyen VCAState Of California$137,531View Details
Catherine Martinez A
State Of California, CA$136,951
Catherine Martinez ACAState Of California$136,951View Details
Pheng Nancy Street S
State Of California, CA$136,706
Pheng Nancy Street SCAState Of California$136,706View Details
Mary Weiss S
State Of California, CA$136,476
Mary Weiss SCAState Of California$136,476View Details
Kurt Heppler W
State Of California, CA$136,476
Kurt Heppler WCAState Of California$136,476View Details
Laura Davis Z
State Of California, CA$136,476
Laura Davis ZCAState Of California$136,476View Details
Alexander Sherrydon M
State Of California, CA$136,332
Alexander Sherrydon MCAState Of California$136,332View Details
Maryam Akhavi
State Of California, CA$136,332
Maryam AkhaviCAState Of California$136,332View Details
John Alexander R
State Of California, CA$136,332
John Alexander RCAState Of California$136,332View Details
Joshua Ajaman S
State Of California, CA$136,332
Joshua Ajaman SCAState Of California$136,332View Details
Amal Abu-rahma A
State Of California, CA$136,332
Amal Abu-rahma ACAState Of California$136,332View Details
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