Transportation Equipment Operator B

Avarage Salary
based on 3,461 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $19k
$19k - $27k
$27k - $35k
$35k - $43k
$43k - $51k
$51k - $59k
$59k - $67k
$67k - $76k
$76k - $84k
$84k - $92k
Best Paid In
1. Department of Transportation , PA$43,641

Transportation Equipment Operator B - employees list 3,461

Blaise Alackness
Transportation, PA$91,795
Blaise AlacknessPATransportation$91,795View Details
Thomas Neill Mc
Transportation, PA$78,503
Thomas Neill McPATransportation$78,503View Details
Walter Handel
Transportation, PA$76,521
Walter HandelPATransportation$76,521View Details
Steve Pegler
Transportation, PA$76,324
Steve PeglerPATransportation$76,324View Details
Robert Davis
Transportation, PA$76,161
Robert DavisPATransportation$76,161View Details
Samuel Bramble
Transportation, PA$76,022
Samuel BramblePATransportation$76,022View Details
Timothy Brown
Transportation, PA$73,891
Timothy BrownPATransportation$73,891View Details
Raymond Herzog
Transportation, PA$73,322
Raymond HerzogPATransportation$73,322View Details
James Ferrari
Transportation, PA$72,879
James FerrariPATransportation$72,879View Details
William English
Transportation, PA$72,857
William EnglishPATransportation$72,857View Details
Bryan Bell
Transportation, PA$72,760
Bryan BellPATransportation$72,760View Details
Nicholas Vivaldi
Transportation, PA$72,736
Nicholas VivaldiPATransportation$72,736View Details
Michael Young
Transportation, PA$72,162
Michael YoungPATransportation$72,162View Details
David Olmstead
Transportation, PA$71,486
David OlmsteadPATransportation$71,486View Details
Lance Coolidge
Transportation, PA$71,077
Lance CoolidgePATransportation$71,077View Details
Christopher Balmoos
Transportation, PA$71,042
Christopher BalmoosPATransportation$71,042View Details
Michael Schatzmann
Transportation, PA$70,808
Michael SchatzmannPATransportation$70,808View Details
Vincent Carrozza
Transportation, PA$70,575
Vincent CarrozzaPATransportation$70,575View Details
Reggie Hudson
Transportation, PA$70,314
Reggie HudsonPATransportation$70,314View Details
Douglas Tunno
Transportation, PA$70,230
Douglas TunnoPATransportation$70,230View Details
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