Water Service Inspector

Avarage Salary
based on 212 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $31k
$31k - $51k
$51k - $72k
$72k - $93k
$93k - $113k
$113k - $134k
$134k - $154k
$154k - $175k
$175k - $196k
$196k - $216k

Water Service Inspector - employees list 212

Warren Lee
City of San Francisco, CA$216,292
Warren LeeCACity of San Francisco$216,292View Details
Susan Soteriou
San Francisco, CA$187,510
Susan SoteriouCASan Francisco$187,510View Details
Dennis Edwards M
San Francisco, CA$183,257
Dennis Edwards MCASan Francisco$183,257View Details
Donald M do
San Francisco, CA$172,970
Donald M doCASan Francisco$172,970View Details
James Parque A Jr
San Francisco, CA$168,359
James Parque A JrCASan Francisco$168,359View Details
Frank Lew
San Francisco, CA$167,447
Frank LewCASan Francisco$167,447View Details
Fernando Jimenez A
San Francisco, CA$166,981
Fernando Jimenez ACASan Francisco$166,981View Details
Jacky P So
San Francisco, CA$166,867
Jacky P SoCASan Francisco$166,867View Details
Jeffrey Lee C
San Francisco, CA$166,142
Jeffrey Lee CCASan Francisco$166,142View Details
Maureen Randolph M
San Francisco, CA$164,853
Maureen Randolph MCASan Francisco$164,853View Details
Joseph Ujcic R
San Francisco, CA$164,415
Joseph Ujcic RCASan Francisco$164,415View Details
Emelito Llarena G
San Francisco, CA$163,173
Emelito Llarena GCASan Francisco$163,173View Details
Dennis Edwards
San Francisco, CA$163,126
Dennis EdwardsCASan Francisco$163,126View Details
Dennis Edwards M
San Francisco, CA$162,466
Dennis Edwards MCASan Francisco$162,466View Details
Benjamin Hansell A
San Francisco, CA$162,151
Benjamin Hansell ACASan Francisco$162,151View Details
Fernando Jimenez
San Francisco, CA$160,544
Fernando JimenezCASan Francisco$160,544View Details
Susan Soteriou
San Francisco, CA$160,395
Susan SoteriouCASan Francisco$160,395View Details
Leslie Dominguez A
San Francisco, CA$160,115
Leslie Dominguez ACASan Francisco$160,115View Details
Fernando Jimenez A
San Francisco, CA$160,038
Fernando Jimenez ACASan Francisco$160,038View Details
David Buchanan M
San Francisco, CA$159,910
David Buchanan MCASan Francisco$159,910View Details
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