Arizona Employers

Employers Number 233

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Charter School Of All Aboard
201512avg: $33,786median: $36,304
Charter School Of All Aboard2015 12 $33,786$36,304View Details
Criminal Justice Commission
201511avg: $69,052median: $60,638
Criminal Justice Commission2015 11 $69,052$60,638View Details
Office Of Administrative Hearings
201511avg: $74,816median: $80,000
Office Of Administrative Hearings2015 11 $74,816$80,000View Details
Board Of Pharmacy
201510avg: $81,088median: $82,648
Board Of Pharmacy2015 10 $81,088$82,648View Details
Board Of Cosmetology
201510avg: $56,205median: $50,232
Board Of Cosmetology2015 10 $56,205$50,232View Details
State Treasurer
201510avg: $68,118median: $59,031
State Treasurer2015 10 $68,118$59,031View Details
Office Of Pest Management
20159avg: $44,684median: $40,965
Office Of Pest Management2015 9 $44,684$40,965View Details
Joint Legisative Budget Committee
20159avg: $91,173median: $88,212
Joint Legisative Budget Committee2015 9 $91,173$88,212View Details
Commission For Deaf And Hard Of Hearing
20158avg: $68,619median: $56,500
Commission For Deaf And Hard Of Hearing2015 8 $68,619$56,500View Details
School Facilities Board
20157avg: $68,123median: $67,200
School Facilities Board2015 7 $68,123$67,200View Details
Mine Inspector
20157avg: $59,011median: $56,928
Mine Inspector2015 7 $59,011$56,928View Details
Board Of Accountancy
20156avg: $62,020median: $52,404
Board Of Accountancy2015 6 $62,020$52,404View Details
Dept Of Homeland Security
20156avg: $66,684median: $66,438
Dept Of Homeland Security2015 6 $66,684$66,438View Details
Governor's Office Of Highway Safety
20156avg: $70,820median: $65,000
Governor's Office Of Highway Safety2015 6 $70,820$65,000View Details
School District Of Double Adobe Elementary 45 (mcneal)
20156avg: $39,929median: $40,174
School District Of Double Adobe Elementary 45 (mcneal)2015 6 $39,929$40,174View Details
Board Of Education
20156avg: $64,113median: $56,337
Board Of Education2015 6 $64,113$56,337View Details
Prescott Historical Society
20155avg: $40,138median: $41,210
Prescott Historical Society2015 5 $40,138$41,210View Details
Commission On The Arts
20155avg: $56,093median: $46,308
Commission On The Arts2015 5 $56,093$46,308View Details
Board Of Dental Examiners
20155avg: $54,526median: $49,454
Board Of Dental Examiners2015 5 $54,526$49,454View Details
Board Of Behavioral Health Examiners
20154avg: $43,937median: $44,500
Board Of Behavioral Health Examiners2015 4 $43,937$44,500View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary