Arizona Employers

Employers Number 233

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Personnel Board
20152avg: $53,886median: $53,886
Personnel Board2015 2 $53,886$53,886View Details
Veterinary Medical Examining Board
20152avg: $48,697median: $48,697
Veterinary Medical Examining Board2015 2 $48,697$48,697View Details
Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board
20152avg: $45,571median: $45,571
Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board2015 2 $45,571$45,571View Details
Conservation District Of Gila Valley
20152avg: $17,073median: $17,073
Conservation District Of Gila Valley2015 2 $17,073$17,073View Details
Navigable Stream Adjudication Commission
20151avg: $70,781median: $70,781
Navigable Stream Adjudication Commission2015 1 $70,781$70,781View Details
Independent Redistricting Commission
20151avg: $83,160median: $83,160
Independent Redistricting Commission2015 1 $83,160$83,160View Details
Acupuncture Board Of Examiners
20151avg: $86,100median: $86,100
Acupuncture Board Of Examiners2015 1 $86,100$86,100View Details
Board Of Chiropractic Examiners
20151avg: $75,000median: $75,000
Board Of Chiropractic Examiners2015 1 $75,000$75,000View Details
Board Of Physical Therapy
20151avg: $71,127median: $71,127
Board Of Physical Therapy2015 1 $71,127$71,127View Details
Board Of Psychologist Examiners
20151avg: $55,000median: $55,000
Board Of Psychologist Examiners2015 1 $55,000$55,000View Details
Board Of Dispensing Opticians
20151avg: $67,017median: $67,017
Board Of Dispensing Opticians2015 1 $67,017$67,017View Details
Board Of Homeopathic Examiners
20151avg: $68,640median: $68,640
Board Of Homeopathic Examiners2015 1 $68,640$68,640View Details
Commission Of African-american Affairs
20151avg: $68,250median: $68,250
Commission Of African-american Affairs2015 1 $68,250$68,250View Details

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Average Salary