Arizona Employers

Employers Number 1976

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Oro Valley Police Dispatch
20202avg: $72,227median: $72,227
Oro Valley Police Dispatch2020 2 $72,227$72,227View Details
Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire Department
20202avg: $27,984median: $27,984
Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire Department2020 2 $27,984$27,984View Details
Mammoth Police Department
20202avg: $39,965median: $39,965
Mammoth Police Department2020 2 $39,965$39,965View Details
Patagonia Marshal's Office
20202avg: $60,068median: $60,068
Patagonia Marshal's Office2020 2 $60,068$60,068View Details
Naco Fire District
20202avg: $7,200median: $7,200
Naco Fire District2020 2 $7,200$7,200View Details
Gila Valley Conservation District
20201avg: $43,982median: $43,982
Gila Valley Conservation District2020 1 $43,982$43,982View Details
Benson Fire Department
20201avg: $74,977median: $74,977
Benson Fire Department2020 1 $74,977$74,977View Details
Cave Creek Town Marshal
20201avg: $112,018median: $112,018
Cave Creek Town Marshal2020 1 $112,018$112,018View Details
Arizona Board of Dispensing Opticians
20201avg: $80,250median: $80,250
Arizona Board of Dispensing Opticians2020 1 $80,250$80,250View Details
Arizona Board of Podiatry Examiners
20201avg: $65,000median: $65,000
Arizona Board of Podiatry Examiners2020 1 $65,000$65,000View Details
Arizona Personnel Board
20201avg: $57,001median: $57,001
Arizona Personnel Board2020 1 $57,001$57,001View Details
Yavapai County Sheriff's Office Dispatch
20191avg: $58,490median: $58,490
Yavapai County Sheriff's Office Dispatch2019 1 $58,490$58,490View Details
Town of Wickenburg Communications/Dispatch
20191avg: $47,380median: $47,380
Town of Wickenburg Communications/Dispatch2019 1 $47,380$47,380View Details
Board Of Homeopathic Examiners
20181avg: $20,754median: $20,754
Board Of Homeopathic Examiners2018 1 $20,754$20,754View Details
Personnel Board
20171avg: $44,772median: $44,772
Personnel Board2017 1 $44,772$44,772View Details
Conservation District of Fredonia
20171avg: $2,160median: $2,160
Conservation District of Fredonia2017 1 $2,160$2,160View Details
Dept. Of Public Safety Detention
20171avg: $55,586median: $55,586
Dept. Of Public Safety Detention2017 1 $55,586$55,586View Details
Board Of Physical Therapy
20151avg: $71,127median: $71,127
Board Of Physical Therapy2015 1 $71,127$71,127View Details
Board Of Dispensing Opticians
20151avg: $67,017median: $67,017
Board Of Dispensing Opticians2015 1 $67,017$67,017View Details
Board Of Homeopathic Examiners
20151avg: $68,640median: $68,640
Board Of Homeopathic Examiners2015 1 $68,640$68,640View Details

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