Rhode Island Employee Salaries | 2016

We have 39,063 RI state salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in RI is $60,485 and median salary is $62,381. Look up RI government salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Providence by school name or teacher name.

Rhode Island Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Town Of South Kingstown
2016143avg: $49,478median: $46,578
Town Of South Kingstown2016 143 $49,478$46,578View Details
Town Of North Kingstown
2016126avg: $44,965median: $43,606
Town Of North Kingstown2016 126 $44,965$43,606View Details
Town Of Cumberland
2016113avg: $40,966median: $41,641
Town Of Cumberland2016 113 $40,966$41,641View Details
Town Of North Providence
2016108avg: $36,955median: $40,294
Town Of North Providence2016 108 $36,955$40,294View Details
Town Of Johnston
201690avg: $39,866median: $40,794
Town Of Johnston2016 90 $39,866$40,794View Details
Town Of Smithfield (cola)
201672avg: $52,057median: $51,739
Town Of Smithfield (cola)2016 72 $52,057$51,739View Details
Town Of Burrillville
201665avg: $49,872median: $48,745
Town Of Burrillville2016 65 $49,872$48,745View Details
Town Of Jamestown
201652avg: $51,120median: $51,934
Town Of Jamestown2016 52 $51,120$51,934View Details
Town Of Bristol
201649avg: $48,874median: $44,005
Town Of Bristol2016 49 $48,874$44,005View Details
Town Of Charlestown
201648avg: $46,908median: $43,993
Town Of Charlestown2016 48 $46,908$43,993View Details
Town Of New Shoreham
201643avg: $38,820median: $40,316
Town Of New Shoreham2016 43 $38,820$40,316View Details
Town Of Warren
201642avg: $45,373median: $47,467
Town Of Warren2016 42 $45,373$47,467View Details
Town Of Glocester
201641avg: $39,622median: $43,812
Town Of Glocester2016 41 $39,622$43,812View Details
Town Of Middletown
201640avg: $63,154median: $53,296
Town Of Middletown2016 40 $63,154$53,296View Details
Town Of Scituate
201636avg: $40,141median: $41,586
Town Of Scituate2016 36 $40,141$41,586View Details
Town Of North Smithfield
201636avg: $43,526median: $41,883
Town Of North Smithfield2016 36 $43,526$41,883View Details
Town Of Hopkinton
201636avg: $45,117median: $44,133
Town Of Hopkinton2016 36 $45,117$44,133View Details
Town Of Richmond
201629avg: $35,650median: $32,285
Town Of Richmond2016 29 $35,650$32,285View Details
Town Of Tiverton
201628avg: $45,991median: $46,896
Town Of Tiverton2016 28 $45,991$46,896View Details
Town Of West Greenwich
201623avg: $45,305median: $44,620
Town Of West Greenwich2016 23 $45,305$44,620View Details