Rhode Island Employee Salaries | 2017

We have 61,822 RI state salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in RI is $59,850 and median salary is $60,756. Look up RI government salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Providence by school name or teacher name.

Rhode Island Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Town of Narragansett
2017746avg: $27,943median: $11,672
Town of Narragansett2017 746 $27,943$11,672View Details
Town Of South Kingstown
2017147avg: $49,875median: $47,144
Town Of South Kingstown2017 147 $49,875$47,144View Details
Town Of North Kingstown
2017123avg: $47,039median: $44,851
Town Of North Kingstown2017 123 $47,039$44,851View Details
Town of Little Compton
2017120avg: $21,835median: $4,980
Town of Little Compton2017 120 $21,835$4,980View Details
Town of Porstmouth
2017112avg: $61,852median: $57,459
Town of Porstmouth2017 112 $61,852$57,459View Details
Town Of Cumberland
2017107avg: $44,666median: $43,474
Town Of Cumberland2017 107 $44,666$43,474View Details
Town Of North Providence
2017106avg: $40,094median: $41,262
Town Of North Providence2017 106 $40,094$41,262View Details
Town Of Johnston
201787avg: $44,423median: $44,489
Town Of Johnston2017 87 $44,423$44,489View Details
Town Of Smithfield (Cola)
201769avg: $55,393median: $55,268
Town Of Smithfield (Cola)2017 69 $55,393$55,268View Details
Town Of Burrillville
201765avg: $51,081median: $51,156
Town Of Burrillville2017 65 $51,081$51,156View Details
Town Of Bristol
201751avg: $50,868median: $46,833
Town Of Bristol2017 51 $50,868$46,833View Details
Town Of Jamestown
201749avg: $54,955median: $56,309
Town Of Jamestown2017 49 $54,955$56,309View Details
Town Of Charlestown
201746avg: $51,500median: $46,278
Town Of Charlestown2017 46 $51,500$46,278View Details
Town Of New Shoreham
201743avg: $40,912median: $39,779
Town Of New Shoreham2017 43 $40,912$39,779View Details
Town Of Warren
201743avg: $46,770median: $48,463
Town Of Warren2017 43 $46,770$48,463View Details
Town Of Glocester
201741avg: $42,779median: $44,305
Town Of Glocester2017 41 $42,779$44,305View Details
Town Of North Smithfield
201740avg: $44,814median: $43,032
Town Of North Smithfield2017 40 $44,814$43,032View Details
Town Of Middletown
201737avg: $67,451median: $55,631
Town Of Middletown2017 37 $67,451$55,631View Details
Town Of Hopkinton
201736avg: $47,825median: $47,368
Town Of Hopkinton2017 36 $47,825$47,368View Details
Town Of Scituate
201733avg: $43,466median: $44,587
Town Of Scituate2017 33 $43,466$44,587View Details