Rhode Island Employee Salaries | 2022

We have 58,925 RI state salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in RI is $65,958 and median salary is $67,447. Look up RI government salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Providence by school name or teacher name.

Rhode Island Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Town of East Greenwich
2022185avg: $39,289median: $34,111
Town of East Greenwich2022 185 $39,289$34,111View Details
Town of South Kingstown
2022142avg: $56,266median: $52,707
Town of South Kingstown2022 142 $56,266$52,707View Details
Town of North Kingstown
2022137avg: $49,183median: $49,961
Town of North Kingstown2022 137 $49,183$49,961View Details
Town of Cumberland
2022137avg: $45,782median: $48,703
Town of Cumberland2022 137 $45,782$48,703View Details
Town of North Providence
2022114avg: $49,437median: $50,102
Town of North Providence2022 114 $49,437$50,102View Details
Town of Bristol
2022101avg: $51,038median: $54,572
Town of Bristol2022 101 $51,038$54,572View Details
Town of Johnston
202286avg: $45,787median: $45,058
Town of Johnston2022 86 $45,787$45,058View Details
Town of Barrington
202278avg: $55,035median: $56,269
Town of Barrington2022 78 $55,035$56,269View Details
Town of Smithfield
202274avg: $61,987median: $61,617
Town of Smithfield2022 74 $61,987$61,617View Details
Town of Burrillville
202268avg: $56,275median: $59,619
Town of Burrillville2022 68 $56,275$59,619View Details
Town of Jamestown
202253avg: $57,801median: $61,993
Town of Jamestown2022 53 $57,801$61,993View Details
Town of Charlestown
202250avg: $60,113median: $55,263
Town of Charlestown2022 50 $60,113$55,263View Details
Town of New Shoreham
202247avg: $47,224median: $47,198
Town of New Shoreham2022 47 $47,224$47,198View Details
Town of Warren
202246avg: $55,973median: $55,028
Town of Warren2022 46 $55,973$55,028View Details
Town of Glocester
202246avg: $47,341median: $50,801
Town of Glocester2022 46 $47,341$50,801View Details
Town of North Smithfield
202244avg: $49,010median: $48,933
Town of North Smithfield2022 44 $49,010$48,933View Details
Town of Hopkinton
202242avg: $44,959median: $48,423
Town of Hopkinton2022 42 $44,959$48,423View Details
Town of Scituate
202235avg: $56,468median: $55,325
Town of Scituate2022 35 $56,468$55,325View Details
Town of Richmond
202230avg: $48,457median: $44,866
Town of Richmond2022 30 $48,457$44,866View Details
Town of Tiverton
202228avg: $53,999median: $53,948
Town of Tiverton2022 28 $53,999$53,948View Details