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EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Town Of Rocky Ridge
20174avg: $16,442median: $15,652
Town Of Rocky Ridge2017 4 $16,442$15,652View Details
Town Of Mayfield
20174avg: $10,612median: $12,241
Town Of Mayfield2017 4 $10,612$12,241View Details
Town Of Randolph
20174avg: $5,861median: $3,360
Town Of Randolph2017 4 $5,861$3,360View Details
Town Of Meadow
20174avg: $5,637median: $5,400
Town Of Meadow2017 4 $5,637$5,400View Details
Utah Counties Indemnity Pool
20174avg: $100,737median: $84,057
Utah Counties Indemnity Pool2017 4 $100,737$84,057View Details
Town Of Virgin
20174avg: $20,934median: $19,575
Town Of Virgin2017 4 $20,934$19,575View Details
Cedarview Montwell Ssd
20173avg: $11,936median: $4,692
Cedarview Montwell Ssd2017 3 $11,936$4,692View Details
Town Of Laketown
20173avg: $4,075median: $2,600
Town Of Laketown2017 3 $4,075$2,600View Details
North Summit Recreation
20173avg: $8,500median: $4,160
North Summit Recreation2017 3 $8,500$4,160View Details
Duchesne County Water Conservancy District
20173avg: $55,561median: $64,680
Duchesne County Water Conservancy District2017 3 $55,561$64,680View Details
Wolf Creek Water & Sewer Improvement District
20173avg: $70,194median: $66,768
Wolf Creek Water & Sewer Improvement District2017 3 $70,194$66,768View Details
Town Of Leeds
20173avg: $26,919median: $24,922
Town Of Leeds2017 3 $26,919$24,922View Details
Community Education Channel Agency
20173avg: $28,912median: $33,590
Community Education Channel Agency2017 3 $28,912$33,590View Details
East Duchesne Culinary Water Improvement District
20173avg: $24,853median: $9,037
East Duchesne Culinary Water Improvement District2017 3 $24,853$9,037View Details
Bear Lake Special Service District
20173avg: $52,149median: $59,414
Bear Lake Special Service District2017 3 $52,149$59,414View Details
Utah Risk Management Mutual Association
20173avg: $45,417median: $43,033
Utah Risk Management Mutual Association2017 3 $45,417$43,033View Details
Town Of Trenton
20173avg: $7,805median: $7,355
Town Of Trenton2017 3 $7,805$7,355View Details
Midway Sanitation District
20173avg: $5,000median: $5,000
Midway Sanitation District2017 3 $5,000$5,000View Details
Metropolitan Water District Of Provo
20172avg: $6,534median: $6,534
Metropolitan Water District Of Provo2017 2 $6,534$6,534View Details
Career Service Review Office
20172avg: $69,575median: $69,575
Career Service Review Office2017 2 $69,575$69,575View Details

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