Library Salaries

Library Payrolls

Library NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Museum
IL2018employees: 116average:$44,713
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library MuseumIL 116 $44,713View Salaries
Adams Public Library System (Adams)
IN2017employees: 37average:$12,034
Adams Public Library System (Adams)IN 37 $12,034View Salaries
Alachua County Library District
FL2017employees: 164average:$31,079
Alachua County Library DistrictFL 164 $31,079View Salaries
Alexander County Public Library
NC2017employees: 5average:$24,354
Alexander County Public LibraryNC 5 $24,354View Salaries
Allerton Public Library Dist
IL2018employees: 4average:$36,483
Allerton Public Library DistIL 4 $36,483View Salaries
Alpha Park Library Dist
IL2018employees: 15average:$39,722
Alpha Park Library DistIL 15 $39,722View Salaries
Antioch Pub Library Dist
IL2018employees: 44average:$26,562
Antioch Pub Library DistIL 44 $26,562View Salaries
Argenta-Oreana Public Library
IL2018employees: 5average:$27,184
Argenta-Oreana Public LibraryIL 5 $27,184View Salaries
Assumption Public Library Dist
IL2018employees: 2average:$19,283
Assumption Public Library DistIL 2 $19,283View Salaries
Astoria Public Library Dist
IL2018employees: 1average:$24,526
Astoria Public Library DistIL 1 $24,526View Salaries
Atlanta Public Library Dist
IL2018employees: 1average:$21,442
Atlanta Public Library DistIL 1 $21,442View Salaries
Avery-Mitchell-Yancey Reg Library
NC2017employees: 10average:$27,961
Avery-Mitchell-Yancey Reg LibraryNC 10 $27,961View Salaries
B H M Regional Library
NC2017employees: 6average:$27,570
B H M Regional LibraryNC 6 $27,570View Salaries
Baker Free Library - Emp
NH2017employees: 3average:$25,853
Baker Free Library - EmpNH 3 $25,853View Salaries
Barclay Library District
IL2018employees: 5average:$24,695
Barclay Library DistrictIL 5 $24,695View Salaries
Bay Shore Brightwaters Library
NY2018employees: 42average:$29,533
Bay Shore Brightwaters LibraryNY 42 $29,533View Salaries
Bayport Blue Point Pub Library
NY2018employees: 30average:$27,928
Bayport Blue Point Pub LibraryNY 30 $27,928View Salaries
Beaumont District Library
CA2018employees: 9average:$55,015
Beaumont District LibraryCA 9 $55,015View Salaries
Beech Grove Public Library (marion)
IN2016employees: 10average:$8,874
Beech Grove Public Library (marion)IN 10 $8,874View Salaries
Bethalto Pub Library District
IL2018employees: 15average:$14,516
Bethalto Pub Library DistrictIL 15 $14,516View Salaries
Bitteroot Public Library
MT2018employees: 8average:$33,232
Bitteroot Public LibraryMT 8 $33,232View Salaries
Blanchard/Santa Paula Public Library District
CA2018employees: 5average:$49,426
Blanchard/Santa Paula Public Library DistrictCA 5 $49,426View Salaries
Board Of Library Commissioners (Blc)
MA2018employees: 42average:$44,181
Board Of Library Commissioners (Blc)MA 42 $44,181View Salaries
Bradley Pub Library District
IL2018employees: 11average:$23,628
Bradley Pub Library DistrictIL 11 $23,628View Salaries
Brookfield Carnegie Library Dist
MO2017employees: 1average:$45,552
Brookfield Carnegie Library DistMO 1 $45,552View Salaries
Brookline Public Library - Emp
NH2018employees: 3average:$26,522
Brookline Public Library - EmpNH 3 $26,522View Salaries
Broward County Library
FL2018employees: 1average:$52,326
Broward County LibraryFL 1 $52,326View Salaries
Bunker Hill Library District
IL2018employees: 2average:$17,313
Bunker Hill Library DistrictIL 2 $17,313View Salaries
C V W Long Lake Public Library
NY2015employees: 1average:$9,081
C V W Long Lake Public LibraryNY 1 $9,081View Salaries
Cahokia Public Library Dist
IL2018employees: 6average:$22,391
Cahokia Public Library DistIL 6 $22,391View Salaries
California Judicial Center Library
CA2016employees: 5average:$60,902
California Judicial Center LibraryCA 5 $60,902View Salaries
California State Library
CA2016employees: 126average:$58,766
California State LibraryCA 126 $58,766View Salaries
Camargo Twp Library District
IL2018employees: 2average:$39,817
Camargo Twp Library DistrictIL 2 $39,817View Salaries
Camden County Library
MO2017employees: 18average:$30,431
Camden County LibraryMO 18 $30,431View Salaries
Carthage Pub Library Dist
IL2018employees: 5average:$12,706
Carthage Pub Library DistIL 5 $12,706View Salaries
Cary Area Public Library Dist
IL2018employees: 18average:$38,274
Cary Area Public Library DistIL 18 $38,274View Salaries
Caseyville Public Library Dist
IL2018employees: 4average:$22,922
Caseyville Public Library DistIL 4 $22,922View Salaries
Catlin Public Library Dist
IL2018employees: 1average:$8,685
Catlin Public Library DistIL 1 $8,685View Salaries
Centralia Reg Library Dist
IL2018employees: 9average:$27,407
Centralia Reg Library DistIL 9 $27,407View Salaries
Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library
NC2017employees: 317average:$46,592
Charlotte Mecklenburg Public LibraryNC 317 $46,592View Salaries
Chemung County Library Dist
NY2018employees: 37average:$35,031
Chemung County Library DistNY 37 $35,031View Salaries
Cherry Valley Dist Library
IL2018employees: 12average:$34,730
Cherry Valley Dist LibraryIL 12 $34,730View Salaries
Chillicothe Pub Library Dist
IL2018employees: 8average:$32,469
Chillicothe Pub Library DistIL 8 $32,469View Salaries
Clinton-Essex-Franklin Library
NY2018employees: 9average:$56,880
Clinton-Essex-Franklin LibraryNY 9 $56,880View Salaries
Clyde-Savannah Pub Library
NY2018employees: 4average:$20,579
Clyde-Savannah Pub LibraryNY 4 $20,579View Salaries
Coal City Pub Library District
IL2018employees: 30average:$21,130
Coal City Pub Library DistrictIL 30 $21,130View Salaries
Community Library District Of Canyon Lake
TX2015employees: 10average:$23,656
Community Library District Of Canyon LakeTX 10 $23,656View Salaries
Community Library District Of Wells Branch
TX2015employees: 17average:$19,215
Community Library District Of Wells BranchTX 17 $19,215View Salaries
Community Library Of Archbold
OH2017employees: 15average:$15,510
Community Library Of ArchboldOH 15 $15,510View Salaries
Community Library Of Crystal Falls District
MI2018employees: 8average:$11,446
Community Library Of Crystal Falls DistrictMI 8 $11,446View Salaries
Community Library Of Glen Lake
MI2016employees: 4average:$43,878
Community Library Of Glen LakeMI 4 $43,878View Salaries
Community Library Of Lake Odessa
MI2016employees: 10average:$11,555
Community Library Of Lake OdessaMI 10 $11,555View Salaries
Community Library Of Reading
MI2018employees: 3average:$13,447
Community Library Of ReadingMI 3 $13,447View Salaries
Community Memorial Library of North Adams
MI2018employees: 1average:$13,500
Community Memorial Library of North AdamsMI 1 $13,500View Salaries
Contra Costa County Law Library
CA2018employees: 3average:$60,650
Contra Costa County Law LibraryCA 3 $60,650View Salaries
Crandall Library
NY2018employees: 44average:$34,547
Crandall LibraryNY 44 $34,547View Salaries
Creve Coeur Pub Library Dist
IL2018employees: 3average:$24,984
Creve Coeur Pub Library DistIL 3 $24,984View Salaries
Dc Public Library
DC2018employees: 534average:$65,052
Dc Public LibraryDC 534 $65,052View Salaries
Del Norte County Library District
CA2018employees: 2average:$22,761
Del Norte County Library DistrictCA 2 $22,761View Salaries
District Library Of Albion
MI2018employees: 22average:$28,630
District Library Of AlbionMI 22 $28,630View Salaries