Boston Police Department - Police Detective

Avarage Salary
based on 294 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$41k - $71k
$71k - $101k
$101k - $131k
$131k - $160k
$160k - $190k
$190k - $220k
$220k - $250k
$250k - $280k
$280k - $310k
$310k - $340k
Best Paid In
1. City of Boston , MA$174,913

Boston Police Department - Police Detective - employees list 294

Lee Waiman
City of Boston, MA$340,176
Lee WaimanMACity of Boston$340,176View Details
Windell Josey C
City of Boston, MA$312,156
Windell Josey CMACity of Boston$312,156View Details
Daniel Adams J
City of Boston, MA$275,284
Daniel Adams JMACity of Boston$275,284View Details
Paul Painten A
City of Boston, MA$274,012
Paul Painten AMACity of Boston$274,012View Details
Thomas Mcdonough V
City of Boston, MA$255,840
Thomas Mcdonough VMACity of Boston$255,840View Details
Alvin Holder S
City of Boston, MA$255,051
Alvin Holder SMACity of Boston$255,051View Details
Andrew Gambon J
City of Boston, MA$250,054
Andrew Gambon JMACity of Boston$250,054View Details
Richard Medina L
City of Boston, MA$249,875
Richard Medina LMACity of Boston$249,875View Details
Gregory Brown
City of Boston, MA$249,655
Gregory BrownMACity of Boston$249,655View Details
Roque Heath D
City of Boston, MA$249,249
Roque Heath DMACity of Boston$249,249View Details
Jean-gerard Dorsainvil
City of Boston, MA$247,024
Jean-gerard DorsainvilMACity of Boston$247,024View Details
Kevin Michael Magoon
City of Boston, MA$246,561
Kevin Michael MagoonMACity of Boston$246,561View Details
Anthony Williams
City of Boston, MA$246,434
Anthony WilliamsMACity of Boston$246,434View Details
Anthony Francis H
City of Boston, MA$246,010
Anthony Francis HMACity of Boston$246,010View Details
Greg Walsh T
City of Boston, MA$243,207
Greg Walsh TMACity of Boston$243,207View Details
Hubert Valmond G
City of Boston, MA$242,808
Hubert Valmond GMACity of Boston$242,808View Details
John Teixeira A
City of Boston, MA$241,774
John Teixeira AMACity of Boston$241,774View Details
Young S Al
City of Boston, MA$238,911
Young S AlMACity of Boston$238,911View Details
John Gould J
City of Boston, MA$238,580
John Gould JMACity of Boston$238,580View Details
Joshua Cummings O
City of Boston, MA$237,613
Joshua Cummings OMACity of Boston$237,613View Details
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