Civil Engineer Trainee

Avarage Salary
based on 88 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $16k
$16k - $23k
$23k - $29k
$29k - $35k
$35k - $42k
$42k - $48k
$48k - $54k
$54k - $60k
$60k - $67k
$67k - $73k

Civil Engineer Trainee - employees list 88

Aaron Greifzu L
Illinois Department of Transportation, IL$73,100
Aaron Greifzu LILIllinois Department of Transportation$73,100View Details
Rolf Talusan D
Illinois Department of Transportation, IL$68,800
Rolf Talusan DILIllinois Department of Transportation$68,800View Details
Nosakhere Nkosane K
Illinois Department of Transportation, IL$66,700
Nosakhere Nkosane KILIllinois Department of Transportation$66,700View Details
Steven Dewitt T
Department Of Transportation, IL$65,726
Steven Dewitt TILDepartment Of Transportation$65,726View Details
Jeremy Bishoff M
Department Of Transportation, IL$63,586
Jeremy Bishoff MILDepartment Of Transportation$63,586View Details
Marc Rudnik
Department of Education, PA$61,731
Marc RudnikPADepartment of Education$61,731View Details
Dominick Lovallo
Transportation, PA$61,674
Dominick LovalloPATransportation$61,674View Details
Kevin Hendrickson
Transportation, PA$59,669
Kevin HendricksonPATransportation$59,669View Details
Allan Ma
Department Of Transportation, IL$59,400
Allan MaILDepartment Of Transportation$59,400View Details
Leah Staley
Department of Environmental Protection, PA$58,895
Leah StaleyPADepartment of Environmental Protection$58,895View Details
Andy Flambert
Department of Environmental Protection, PA$58,895
Andy FlambertPADepartment of Environmental Protection$58,895View Details
Daniel Soriano J
Construction & Materials, NJ$58,216
Daniel Soriano JNJConstruction & Materials$58,216View Details
Brend Pagan-figueroa
Department Of Transportation, IL$58,100
Brend Pagan-figueroaILDepartment Of Transportation$58,100View Details
Jessalynn Heydenreich
Public Utility Commission, PA$57,720
Jessalynn HeydenreichPAPublic Utility Commission$57,720View Details
Thaer Muhana Abunaim
Department Of Transportation, IL$57,700
Thaer Muhana AbunaimILDepartment Of Transportation$57,700View Details
Brennan Smay
Department of Transportation, PA$57,624
Brennan SmayPADepartment of Transportation$57,624View Details
Danielle Hoyer
Department of Transportation, PA$57,624
Danielle HoyerPADepartment of Transportation$57,624View Details
Adam Sherlock
Department of Transportation, PA$57,624
Adam SherlockPADepartment of Transportation$57,624View Details
Richard Orr
Department of Transportation, PA$57,624
Richard OrrPADepartment of Transportation$57,624View Details
David Myler
Department of Transportation, PA$57,624
David MylerPADepartment of Transportation$57,624View Details
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