Educational Support Personnel

Avarage Salary
based on 23,032 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $19k
$19k - $29k
$29k - $38k
$38k - $47k
$47k - $57k
$57k - $66k
$66k - $75k
$75k - $85k
$85k - $94k
$94k - $103k

Educational Support Personnel - employees list 23,032

Nan Williams P
Iredell-statesville Schools, NC$103,281
Nan Williams PNCIredell-statesville Schools$103,281View Details
Nan Williams P
Iredell-statesville Schools, NC$102,496
Nan Williams PNCIredell-statesville Schools$102,496View Details
Jill Patterson M
Iredell-statesville Schools, NC$101,220
Jill Patterson MNCIredell-statesville Schools$101,220View Details
Jeffrey Repp
City of Boiling Spring Lakes, NC$100,636
Jeffrey ReppNCCity of Boiling Spring Lakes$100,636View Details
Jill Patterson M
Iredell-statesville Schools, NC$100,603
Jill Patterson MNCIredell-statesville Schools$100,603View Details
Blair Jerry
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, NC$98,146
Blair JerryNCCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools$98,146View Details
Anna Priester M
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, NC$97,232
Anna Priester MNCCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools$97,232View Details
Jill Patterson M
Iredell-Statesville Schools, NC$96,979
Jill Patterson MNCIredell-Statesville Schools$96,979View Details
Williams Nan P
Iredell-Statesville Schools, NC$94,609
Williams Nan PNCIredell-Statesville Schools$94,609View Details
Jeffrey Repp
City Of Boiling Sprg Lakes, NC$94,427
Jeffrey ReppNCCity Of Boiling Sprg Lakes$94,427View Details
Jerry Blair
Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Schools, NC$94,012
Jerry BlairNCCharlotte-Mecklenburg County Schools$94,012View Details
Adam Lindsay
Town Of Southern Pines, NC$92,939
Adam LindsayNCTown Of Southern Pines$92,939View Details
Javanna Pippins L
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, NC$92,274
Javanna Pippins LNCCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools$92,274View Details
Rex Cothren A
Clay County Schools, NC$91,062
Rex Cothren ANCClay County Schools$91,062View Details
Sims Don R
Asheville City Schools, NC$91,025
Sims Don RNCAsheville City Schools$91,025View Details
David Lassiter M
Wayne County Public Schools, NC$88,937
David Lassiter MNCWayne County Public Schools$88,937View Details
Don Sims R
Asheville City Schools, NC$88,167
Don Sims RNCAsheville City Schools$88,167View Details
Williams Shawn O
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, NC$88,055
Williams Shawn ONCCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools$88,055View Details
Kelly Veloz A
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, NC$87,900
Kelly Veloz ANCCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools$87,900View Details
Anna Priester M
Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Schools, NC$87,856
Anna Priester MNCCharlotte-Mecklenburg County Schools$87,856View Details
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