Office Asst

Avarage Salary
based on 174 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $19k
$19k - $29k
$29k - $38k
$38k - $48k
$48k - $57k
$57k - $67k
$67k - $76k
$76k - $86k
$86k - $95k
$95k - $105k

Office Asst - employees list 174

Angie Contreras
County Of Travis, TX$104,784
Angie ContrerasTXCounty Of Travis$104,784View Details
Linda Hodges
Milpitas, CA$103,231
Linda HodgesCAMilpitas$103,231View Details
Katherine Sirota
Alameda, CA$100,618
Katherine SirotaCAAlameda$100,618View Details
Linda Momii
Milpitas, CA$96,579
Linda Momii CAMilpitas$96,579View Details
Loreley Edmunds
Alameda, CA$95,733
Loreley EdmundsCAAlameda$95,733View Details
Patti Clark
Milpitas, CA$92,768
Patti ClarkCAMilpitas$92,768View Details
Gail Foss A
Campbell, CA$92,562
Gail Foss ACACampbell$92,562View Details
Virna Silva
Glendale Community College, CA$91,380
Virna SilvaCAGlendale Community College$91,380View Details
Linda Momii
Milpitas, CA$91,354
Linda MomiiCAMilpitas$91,354View Details
Judy Shelton A
Campbell, CA$91,140
Judy Shelton ACACampbell$91,140View Details
Linda Momii
Milpitas, CA$90,698
Linda Momii CAMilpitas$90,698View Details
Michelle Koka
Alameda, CA$90,494
Michelle KokaCAAlameda$90,494View Details
Daniel Olberg
Alameda, CA$90,486
Daniel OlbergCAAlameda$90,486View Details
Sheryl Cabrera A.
Alameda, CA$90,347
Sheryl Cabrera A.CAAlameda$90,347View Details
Patti Clark
Milpitas, CA$90,331
Patti Clark CAMilpitas$90,331View Details
Sheryl Cabrera A.
Alameda, CA$89,793
Sheryl Cabrera A.CAAlameda$89,793View Details
Sheryl Cabrera
Alameda, CA$89,787
Sheryl CabreraCAAlameda$89,787View Details
Lisa Camilleri
San Mateo, CA$89,056
Lisa CamilleriCASan Mateo$89,056View Details
Sheryl Cabrera A
Alameda, CA$88,736
Sheryl Cabrera ACAAlameda$88,736View Details
Joanna Thomason M
Campbell, CA$88,271
Joanna Thomason MCACampbell$88,271View Details
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