Officer California Highway Patrol

Avarage Salary
based on 6,082 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $53k
$53k - $95k
$95k - $137k
$137k - $179k
$179k - $222k
$222k - $264k
$264k - $306k
$306k - $348k
$348k - $391k
$391k - $433k
Best Paid In
1. State of California , CA$235,409

Officer California Highway Patrol - employees list 6,082

Craig Linville D
State of California, CA$432,966
Craig Linville DCAState of California$432,966View Details
Yolanda Wright
State of California, CA$415,987
Yolanda WrightCAState of California$415,987View Details
Jason Wakeman L
State of California, CA$413,974
Jason Wakeman LCAState of California$413,974View Details
Steven Pool F
State of California, CA$412,049
Steven Pool FCAState of California$412,049View Details
Trevor Risbry J
State of California, CA$403,777
Trevor Risbry JCAState of California$403,777View Details
Armando Gaona
State of California, CA$400,271
Armando GaonaCAState of California$400,271View Details
Sean Deise P
State of California, CA$391,064
Sean Deise PCAState of California$391,064View Details
Joseph Jones B
State of California, CA$389,355
Joseph Jones BCAState of California$389,355View Details
Simeon Yarbrough T
State of California, CA$389,233
Simeon Yarbrough TCAState of California$389,233View Details
Frank Sansone J
State of California, CA$385,174
Frank Sansone JCAState of California$385,174View Details
David Armstrong P
State of California, CA$381,969
David Armstrong PCAState of California$381,969View Details
Joel Merrill H
State of California, CA$381,727
Joel Merrill HCAState of California$381,727View Details
Aser Felfela M
State of California, CA$381,494
Aser Felfela MCAState of California$381,494View Details
Paul Zielke J
State of California, CA$380,471
Paul Zielke JCAState of California$380,471View Details
Daniel Hernandez A
State of California, CA$380,141
Daniel Hernandez ACAState of California$380,141View Details
Shon Remington S
State of California, CA$378,173
Shon Remington SCAState of California$378,173View Details
Yvett Chavez
State of California, CA$376,837
Yvett ChavezCAState of California$376,837View Details
Brett Mollers A
State of California, CA$375,654
Brett Mollers ACAState of California$375,654View Details
Richard Handwork J
State of California, CA$374,893
Richard Handwork JCAState of California$374,893View Details
Gennadiy Molodetskiy
State of California, CA$373,632
Gennadiy MolodetskiyCAState of California$373,632View Details
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