Officer California Highway Patrol

Avarage Salary
based on 6,243 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $43k
$43k - $75k
$75k - $107k
$107k - $140k
$140k - $172k
$172k - $204k
$204k - $237k
$237k - $269k
$269k - $301k
$301k - $333k
Best Paid In
1. State of California , CA$144,024

Officer California Highway Patrol - employees list 6,243

Daniels Ramsin
State of California, CA$333,475
Daniels RamsinCAState of California$333,475View Details
Cecil Doss A
State of California, CA$332,799
Cecil Doss ACAState of California$332,799View Details
Douglas Villars A
State of California, CA$318,567
Douglas Villars ACAState of California$318,567View Details
Darwin Lee
State of California, CA$314,122
Darwin LeeCAState of California$314,122View Details
George McKinley P
State of California, CA$305,331
George McKinley PCAState of California$305,331View Details
Luis Murillo A
State of California, CA$303,004
Luis Murillo ACAState of California$303,004View Details
Terrill Pedretti F
State of California, CA$299,109
Terrill Pedretti FCAState of California$299,109View Details
Gary Danko A
State of California, CA$298,946
Gary Danko ACAState of California$298,946View Details
Artemio Castillo O
State of California, CA$298,085
Artemio Castillo OCAState of California$298,085View Details
John Dopp R
State of California, CA$295,851
John Dopp RCAState of California$295,851View Details
Jacob Johnson B
State of California, CA$294,429
Jacob Johnson BCAState of California$294,429View Details
Jerry Kessler E
State of California, CA$293,449
Jerry Kessler ECAState of California$293,449View Details
Morgan James J
State of California, CA$290,104
Morgan James JCAState of California$290,104View Details
James Sherman P
State of California, CA$288,126
James Sherman PCAState of California$288,126View Details
Jacob Johnson B
State of California, CA$285,735
Jacob Johnson BCAState of California$285,735View Details
Brandon Hoskins K
State of California, CA$285,408
Brandon Hoskins KCAState of California$285,408View Details
Anthony Zill D
State of California, CA$285,397
Anthony Zill DCAState of California$285,397View Details
Ivan Jackson L
State of California, CA$283,121
Ivan Jackson LCAState of California$283,121View Details
Kerry Comphel M
State of California, CA$282,621
Kerry Comphel MCAState of California$282,621View Details
Sean Deise P
State of California, CA$282,397
Sean Deise PCAState of California$282,397View Details
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