Registered Nurse Correctional Facility

Avarage Salary
based on 2,515 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $54k
$54k - $97k
$97k - $141k
$141k - $185k
$185k - $228k
$228k - $272k
$272k - $316k
$316k - $359k
$359k - $403k
$403k - $447k
Best Paid In
1. State of California , CA$124,133

Registered Nurse Correctional Facility - employees list 2,515

Paul Spector
State of California, CA$446,757
Paul SpectorCAState of California$446,757View Details
Anthony Ojogwu U
State of California, CA$334,650
Anthony Ojogwu UCAState of California$334,650View Details
Lolita Santos G
State of California, CA$328,066
Lolita Santos GCAState of California$328,066View Details
Florence Nkosi V
State of California, CA$323,445
Florence Nkosi VCAState of California$323,445View Details
John Tran D
State of California, CA$321,856
John Tran DCAState of California$321,856View Details
Elisa Zapanta R
State of California, CA$303,170
Elisa Zapanta RCAState of California$303,170View Details
Alice Okoroike
State of California, CA$291,336
Alice OkoroikeCAState of California$291,336View Details
Eden Sana C
State of California, CA$289,288
Eden Sana CCAState of California$289,288View Details
Norma Mateo S
State of California, CA$286,754
Norma Mateo SCAState of California$286,754View Details
Solomon Onyango
State of California, CA$282,051
Solomon OnyangoCAState of California$282,051View Details
Emelda Mbara O
State of California, CA$281,080
Emelda Mbara OCAState of California$281,080View Details
Rose Laguerta S
State of California, CA$278,074
Rose Laguerta SCAState of California$278,074View Details
Grace Cho
State of California, CA$277,309
Grace ChoCAState of California$277,309View Details
Cherry Lim S
State of California, CA$275,779
Cherry Lim SCAState of California$275,779View Details
Julius Jayoma L
State of California, CA$274,222
Julius Jayoma LCAState of California$274,222View Details
Teresa Chinenye N
State of California, CA$273,556
Teresa Chinenye NCAState of California$273,556View Details
Jojie Ariola P
State of California, CA$272,902
Jojie Ariola PCAState of California$272,902View Details
Kim Jeongseon O
State of California, CA$269,006
Kim Jeongseon OCAState of California$269,006View Details
Christiana Udensi A
State of California, CA$268,753
Christiana Udensi ACAState of California$268,753View Details
Edbert Sameon P
State of California, CA$267,910
Edbert Sameon PCAState of California$267,910View Details
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