School Occupational Therapist

Avarage Salary
based on 234 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$13k - $28k
$28k - $43k
$43k - $59k
$59k - $74k
$74k - $89k
$89k - $105k
$105k - $120k
$120k - $135k
$135k - $150k
$150k - $166k

School Occupational Therapist - employees list 234

Silke Hamilton
Palm Springs Unified, CA$165,753
Silke HamiltonCAPalm Springs Unified$165,753View Details
Silke Maria Hamilton
Palm Springs Unified, CA$165,049
Silke Maria HamiltonCAPalm Springs Unified$165,049View Details
Dawn Castiglione
Palm Springs Unified, CA$164,546
Dawn CastiglioneCAPalm Springs Unified$164,546View Details
Lydia Patricia Hanley
Palm Springs Unified, CA$159,547
Lydia Patricia HanleyCAPalm Springs Unified$159,547View Details
Lydia Hanley
Palm Springs Unified, CA$148,142
Lydia HanleyCAPalm Springs Unified$148,142View Details
Claudia Tollett
Kern County Office of Education, CA$145,128
Claudia TollettCAKern County Office of Education$145,128View Details
Bertha Haslim
Los Angeles Unified, CA$142,704
Bertha HaslimCALos Angeles Unified$142,704View Details
Kevin Spiteri
Los Angeles Unified, CA$141,707
Kevin SpiteriCALos Angeles Unified$141,707View Details
Downing Sitapa
Los Angeles Unified, CA$141,705
Downing SitapaCALos Angeles Unified$141,705View Details
Claudia Alvarez
Kern County Office of Education, CA$141,661
Claudia AlvarezCAKern County Office of Education$141,661View Details
Claudia Alvarez
Kern County Superintendent of Schools, CA$141,661
Claudia AlvarezCAKern County Superintendent of Schools$141,661View Details
Cazzie Pastrick
Los Angeles Unified, CA$141,624
Cazzie PastrickCALos Angeles Unified$141,624View Details
Elaine Marot
Los Angeles Unified, CA$141,300
Elaine MarotCALos Angeles Unified$141,300View Details
Kristina Katz
Los Angeles Unified, CA$140,512
Kristina KatzCALos Angeles Unified$140,512View Details
Talia Cohen
Los Angeles Unified, CA$140,419
Talia CohenCALos Angeles Unified$140,419View Details
Cazzie Fulger
Los Angeles Unified, CA$139,653
Cazzie FulgerCALos Angeles Unified$139,653View Details
Janet Daimaru
Los Angeles Unified, CA$139,634
Janet DaimaruCALos Angeles Unified$139,634View Details
Elaine Marot
Los Angeles Unified, CA$139,234
Elaine MarotCALos Angeles Unified$139,234View Details
Jennifer Ritter
Los Angeles Unified, CA$138,691
Jennifer RitterCALos Angeles Unified$138,691View Details
Kevin Spiteri
Los Angeles Unified, CA$138,641
Kevin SpiteriCALos Angeles Unified$138,641View Details
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