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What is the salary of a School Teacher? In the United States, a School Teacher earns an average salary of $77,793. The salary range for a School Teacher is usually between $44,259 and $103,872 per year, representing the 25th to 75th percentiles respectively. The top 10% of earners, that is the 90th percentile, have an annual salary of $109,067. The highest School Teacher salary in the United States was $119,337. The average hourly pay for a School Teacher is $37.40.

What are Top Paying States and Employers for School Teacher Jobs?

Top 3 states paying the highest average School Teacher salary are Massachusetts, with an average salary of $87,059, followed by California, with an average salary of $66,536, and Texas, with an average salary of $35,024. Employers paying the highest salary for a School Teacher job are Town of Tisbury (MA), Town of Millis (MA) and Hatfield Public Schools (MA).

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School Teacher Salary Statistics


Top Paying Employers for School Teacher Jobs

EmployerAverage Salary
Town of Tisbury, MA$98,123
Town of Millis, MA$91,047
Hatfield Public Schools, MA$64,405
University of Texas at Tyler, TX$35,023

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Top Paid School Teacher

Pamela Herman M
Town Of Tisbury, MA
Pamela Herman MMATown Of TisburyView Details
Mary Russell E
Town Of Wakefield, MA
Mary Russell EMATown Of WakefieldView Details
John O'Brien
Town of Wakefield, MA
John O'BrienMATown of WakefieldView Details
Julie Schilling W
Town Of Tisbury, MA
Julie Schilling WMATown Of TisburyView Details
Ellen Johnson
School District of Milford, MA
Ellen JohnsonMASchool District of MilfordView Details
Yvonne Fitzgerald
Town of Millis, MA
Yvonne FitzgeraldMATown of MillisView Details
Michael Lynn
Town of Littleton, MA
Michael LynnMATown of LittletonView Details
Glen Panciocco
Town of Millis, MA
Glen PancioccoMATown of MillisView Details
Debra Conroy H
Town of Tisbury, MA
Debra Conroy HMATown of TisburyView Details
David Fallon
Town of Millis, MA
David FallonMATown of MillisView Details
Patricia Divver
Town of Millis, MA
Patricia DivverMATown of MillisView Details
Kevan Nichols D
Town of Tisbury, MA
Kevan Nichols DMATown of TisburyView Details
Zachary Hirtle
Town of Littleton, MA
Zachary HirtleMATown of LittletonView Details
Lance Benham
Town of Millis, MA
Lance BenhamMATown of MillisView Details
Valerie Finnerty
Town of Littleton, MA
Valerie FinnertyMATown of LittletonView Details
Cathleen Bernier-Garzon
Town of Millis, MA
Cathleen Bernier-GarzonMATown of MillisView Details
Allison Smith M
Town of Tisbury, MA
Allison Smith MMATown of TisburyView Details
Joan Creato M
Town of Tisbury, MA
Joan Creato MMATown of TisburyView Details
Tracy Turner
Town of Littleton, MA
Tracy TurnerMATown of LittletonView Details
Anne Williamson E
Town of Tisbury, MA
Anne Williamson EMATown of TisburyView Details
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