Avarage Salary
based on 2,351 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $71k
$71k - $133k
$133k - $194k
$194k - $256k
$256k - $317k
$317k - $378k
$378k - $440k
$440k - $0.5M
$0.5M - $0.6M
$0.6M - $0.6M

Teacher - employees list 2,351

Patsy Prosper A
Academy For Academic Excellence, TX$624,007
Patsy Prosper ATXAcademy For Academic Excellence$624,007View Details
Kevin Tyler
Frisco Isd, TX$565,220
Kevin TylerTXFrisco Isd$565,220View Details
Lynn Laurie Walker
South San Antonio Isd, TX$535,713
Lynn Laurie WalkerTXSouth San Antonio Isd$535,713View Details
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$498,865
Elizabeth RodriguezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$498,865View Details
Amador Castro
South San Antonio Isd, TX$497,253
Amador CastroTXSouth San Antonio Isd$497,253View Details
Rosanna Felicia Bell
A W Brown Leadership Academy, TX$470,000
Rosanna Felicia BellTXA W Brown Leadership Academy$470,000View Details
Lisa Nigro M
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$448,270
Lisa Nigro MNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$448,270View Details
Jennifer Miller A
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$448,199
Jennifer Miller ANYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$448,199View Details
Maria Garcia
Brownsville Isd, TX$416,864
Maria GarciaTXBrownsville Isd$416,864View Details
Bryan Barrett
Phoenix Charter School, TX$408,708
Bryan BarrettTXPhoenix Charter School$408,708View Details
Sonia Rodriguez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$396,446
Sonia RodriguezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$396,446View Details
Garcia Joyce Gonzalez
Alice Isd, TX$393,990
Garcia Joyce GonzalezTXAlice Isd$393,990View Details
Michael Zachary Moore
School District Of Northumberland County, VA$387,678
Michael Zachary MooreVASchool District Of Northumberland County$387,678View Details
Adelaida Elizabeth Romo
South San Antonio Isd, TX$379,421
Adelaida Elizabeth RomoTXSouth San Antonio Isd$379,421View Details
Nancy Rodriguez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$376,294
Nancy RodriguezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$376,294View Details
Claudio Meo De
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$368,597
Claudio Meo DeNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$368,597View Details
Maria Garza
Brownsville Isd, TX$363,108
Maria GarzaTXBrownsville Isd$363,108View Details
Maria Flores
La Joya Isd, TX$361,752
Maria FloresTXLa Joya Isd$361,752View Details
Thomas Rimes
San Antonio School For Inquiry & C, TX$340,008
Thomas RimesTXSan Antonio School For Inquiry & C$340,008View Details
David Suker P
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$326,648
David Suker PNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$326,648View Details
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