Teacher/Special Education

Avarage Salary
based on 91 payrolls
Number of People By Income
$10k - $46k
$46k - $82k
$82k - $118k
$118k - $155k
$155k - $191k
$191k - $227k
$227k - $263k
$263k - $299k
$299k - $335k
$335k - $372k

Teacher/Special Education - employees list 91

Jessica Rivera
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$371,644
Jessica RiveraNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$371,644View Details
Cheryl Wilson A
Education Admin, Department of, NY$315,193
Cheryl Wilson ANYEducation Admin, Department of$315,193View Details
Eric Rosenberg
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$294,861
Eric RosenbergNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$294,861View Details
Sandra Rivera
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$274,939
Sandra RiveraNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$274,939View Details
Christine Rivera
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$250,296
Christine RiveraNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$250,296View Details
Evelyn Alvarez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$247,163
Evelyn AlvarezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$247,163View Details
Debra Gonzalez A
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$241,826
Debra Gonzalez ANYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$241,826View Details
Elizabeth Diaz
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$239,011
Elizabeth DiazNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$239,011View Details
Jeanette Gonzalez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$236,561
Jeanette GonzalezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$236,561View Details
Kathleen Davis
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$234,561
Kathleen DavisNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$234,561View Details
Ivylyn Callam G
Education Admin, Department of, NY$231,380
Ivylyn Callam GNYEducation Admin, Department of$231,380View Details
Michelle Sanchez
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$230,217
Michelle SanchezNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$230,217View Details
Dorcas Murphy E
Education Admin, Department of, NY$222,515
Dorcas Murphy ENYEducation Admin, Department of$222,515View Details
Jacqueline Smith
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$221,826
Jacqueline SmithNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$221,826View Details
Dorcas Murphy
Education Admin, Department of, NY$217,469
Dorcas Murphy NYEducation Admin, Department of$217,469View Details
Kathleen Mclaughlin
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$215,716
Kathleen MclaughlinNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$215,716View Details
Yvette Vargas
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$215,057
Yvette VargasNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$215,057View Details
Kathleen Oconnor M
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$214,050
Kathleen Oconnor MNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$214,050View Details
Laura Garcia
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$213,245
Laura GarciaNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$213,245View Details
Donna Martino M
Dept Of Ed Pedagogical, NY$212,739
Donna Martino MNYDept Of Ed Pedagogical$212,739View Details
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