Arizona Employers

Employers Number 1976

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Arizona Department of Economic Security
20198,149avg: $43,881median: $37,500
Arizona Department of Economic Security2019 8,149 $43,881$37,500View Details
Economic Security
20167,662avg: $39,602median: $36,044
Economic Security2016 7,662 $39,602$36,044View Details
Economic Security
20177,515avg: $40,790median: $37,107
Economic Security2017 7,515 $40,790$37,107View Details
Department Of Corrections - Corp
20176,860avg: $38,559median: $39,665
Department Of Corrections - Corp2017 6,860 $38,559$39,665View Details
Unified School District Of Chandler (chandler)
20156,418avg: $29,246median: $24,601
Unified School District Of Chandler (chandler)2015 6,418 $29,246$24,601View Details
City Of Tucson
20155,589avg: $46,871median: $45,613
City Of Tucson2015 5,589 $46,871$45,613View Details
City of Tucson
20195,217avg: $47,513median: $46,985
City of Tucson2019 5,217 $47,513$46,985View Details
School District Of Paradise Valley Unified 69 Pheonix
20165,214avg: $24,206median: $21,577
School District Of Paradise Valley Unified 69 Pheonix2016 5,214 $24,206$21,577View Details
City of Tucson
20185,174avg: $49,534median: $49,870
City of Tucson2018 5,174 $49,534$49,870View Details
Northern Arizona University
20204,948avg: $46,682median: $42,162
Northern Arizona University2020 4,948 $46,682$42,162View Details
Northern Arizona University
20194,939avg: $46,233median: $42,295
Northern Arizona University2019 4,939 $46,233$42,295View Details
Maricopa County Community Colleges (tempe)
20154,918avg: $64,638median: $57,654
Maricopa County Community Colleges (tempe)2015 4,918 $64,638$57,654View Details
City of Tucson
20204,889avg: $49,664median: $48,786
City of Tucson2020 4,889 $49,664$48,786View Details
City of Mesa
20194,807avg: $61,671median: $60,979
City of Mesa2019 4,807 $61,671$60,979View Details
City of Tucson
20174,700avg: $50,240median: $50,748
City of Tucson2017 4,700 $50,240$50,748View Details
City Of Mesa
20164,548avg: $60,227median: $60,951
City Of Mesa2016 4,548 $60,227$60,951View Details
Dept Of Corrections
20154,528avg: $43,791median: $39,665
Dept Of Corrections2015 4,528 $43,791$39,665View Details
City Of Mesa
20184,506avg: $65,456median: $65,805
City Of Mesa2018 4,506 $65,456$65,805View Details
City of Mesa
20174,497avg: $63,734median: $61,653
City of Mesa2017 4,497 $63,734$61,653View Details
Arizona Department of Public Safety
20194,248avg: $67,445median: $67,921
Arizona Department of Public Safety2019 4,248 $67,445$67,921View Details

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