Illinois Employers

Employers Number 26623

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Wall Township
20201avg: $26,400median: $26,400
Wall Township2020 1 $26,400$26,400View Details
Village of Gorham
20201avg: $30,624median: $30,624
Village of Gorham2020 1 $30,624$30,624View Details
Village of Grantfork
20201avg: $63,751median: $63,751
Village of Grantfork2020 1 $63,751$63,751View Details
Village of Green Valley
20201avg: $61,251median: $61,251
Village of Green Valley2020 1 $61,251$61,251View Details
Western Area Career System
20201avg: $34,101median: $34,101
Western Area Career System2020 1 $34,101$34,101View Details
Waltham Township
20201avg: $23,100median: $23,100
Waltham Township2020 1 $23,100$23,100View Details
Westmont Fire Department
20201avg: $138,944median: $138,944
Westmont Fire Department2020 1 $138,944$138,944View Details
Village of Weldon
20201avg: $52,265median: $52,265
Village of Weldon2020 1 $52,265$52,265View Details
Village of Westfield
20201avg: $35,326median: $35,326
Village of Westfield2020 1 $35,326$35,326View Details
Wayne Police Department
20201avg: $88,000median: $88,000
Wayne Police Department2020 1 $88,000$88,000View Details
Village of Liberty
20201avg: $34,476median: $34,476
Village of Liberty2020 1 $34,476$34,476View Details
Viola Public Library District
20201avg: $32,000median: $32,000
Viola Public Library District2020 1 $32,000$32,000View Details
Virden Township
20201avg: $28,980median: $28,980
Virden Township2020 1 $28,980$28,980View Details
West Township-Effingham County
20201avg: $13,800median: $13,800
West Township-Effingham County2020 1 $13,800$13,800View Details
Village of Niantic
20201avg: $14,672median: $14,672
Village of Niantic2020 1 $14,672$14,672View Details
Win-Bur-Sew Fire Protection District
20201avg: $102,920median: $102,920
Win-Bur-Sew Fire Protection District2020 1 $102,920$102,920View Details
Washington Park Police Department
20201avg: $52,500median: $52,500
Washington Park Police Department2020 1 $52,500$52,500View Details
Village of Oreana
20201avg: $50,760median: $50,760
Village of Oreana2020 1 $50,760$50,760View Details
White Oak Township
20201avg: $30,400median: $30,400
White Oak Township2020 1 $30,400$30,400View Details
Village of Pearl City
20201avg: $59,245median: $59,245
Village of Pearl City2020 1 $59,245$59,245View Details

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