Illinois Employers

Employers Number 5122

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
City Of Chicago
201539,122avg: $84,203median: $89,602
City Of Chicago2015 39,122 $84,203$89,602View Details
Department Of Human Services
201514,767avg: $58,993median: $55,792
Department Of Human Services2015 14,767 $58,993$55,792View Details
University Of Illinois - Chicago
201513,726avg: $69,171median: $53,846
University Of Illinois - Chicago2015 13,726 $69,171$53,846View Details
University Of Illinois - Urbana
201512,731avg: $65,118median: $52,745
University Of Illinois - Urbana2015 12,731 $65,118$52,745View Details
Department Of Corrections
201512,648avg: $66,442median: $68,825
Department Of Corrections2015 12,648 $66,442$68,825View Details
Chicago Transit Authority
201512,228avg: $57,241median: $61,936
Chicago Transit Authority2015 12,228 $57,241$61,936View Details
Chicago Police Department
201512,111avg: $86,757median: $86,520
Chicago Police Department2015 12,111 $86,757$86,520View Details
Department Of Transportation
20157,862avg: $54,658median: $63,447
Department Of Transportation2015 7,862 $54,658$63,447View Details
City Colleges Of Chicago
20155,514avg: $34,449median: $22,274
City Colleges Of Chicago2015 5,514 $34,449$22,274View Details
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
20155,226avg: $53,930median: $42,015
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale2015 5,226 $53,930$42,015View Details
Secretary Of State
20154,413avg: $45,262median: $43,359
Secretary Of State2015 4,413 $45,262$43,359View Details
20154,189avg: $63,633median: $67,305
Corrections2015 4,189 $63,633$67,305View Details
Stroger Hospital
20153,850avg: $77,859median: $56,483
Stroger Hospital2015 3,850 $77,859$56,483View Details
Department Of Central Management Services
20153,575avg: $35,311median: $6,000
Department Of Central Management Services2015 3,575 $35,311$6,000View Details
Plainfield Sd 202
20153,548avg: $41,807median: $44,948
Plainfield Sd 2022015 3,548 $41,807$44,948View Details
Northern Illinois University
20153,496avg: $52,636median: $43,768
Northern Illinois University2015 3,496 $52,636$43,768View Details
Illinois State University
20153,446avg: $54,133median: $47,143
Illinois State University2015 3,446 $54,133$47,143View Details
Dupage County
20153,213avg: $51,144median: $45,243
Dupage County2015 3,213 $51,144$45,243View Details
School District U46
20153,122avg: $63,021median: $68,912
School District U462015 3,122 $63,021$68,912View Details
College Of Dupage
20152,936avg: $32,889median: $18,452
College Of Dupage2015 2,936 $32,889$18,452View Details

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