Massachusetts Employers

Employers Number 695

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University Of Massachusetts System (ums)
201529,518avg: $44,718median: $32,880
University Of Massachusetts System (ums)2015 29,518 $44,718$32,880View Details
City Of Boston
201521,195avg: $61,705median: $63,458
City Of Boston2015 21,195 $61,705$63,458View Details
Trial Court (trc)
20157,996avg: $61,737median: $61,449
Trial Court (trc)2015 7,996 $61,737$61,449View Details
Department Of Developmental Services (dmr)
20157,615avg: $42,922median: $42,697
Department Of Developmental Services (dmr)2015 7,615 $42,922$42,697View Details
Massachusetts Department Of Transportation (dot)
20155,778avg: $56,732median: $58,629
Massachusetts Department Of Transportation (dot)2015 5,778 $56,732$58,629View Details
Department Of Correction (doc)
20155,696avg: $72,511median: $77,944
Department Of Correction (doc)2015 5,696 $72,511$77,944View Details
City Of Newton
20155,118avg: $38,119median: $34,547
City Of Newton2015 5,118 $38,119$34,547View Details
City Of Brockton
20154,466avg: $47,171median: $40,950
City Of Brockton2015 4,466 $47,171$40,950View Details
Town Of Quincy And School District Of Quincy
20154,190avg: $43,970median: $29,827
Town Of Quincy And School District Of Quincy2015 4,190 $43,970$29,827View Details
Department Of Children And Families (dss)
20154,156avg: $59,009median: $62,369
Department Of Children And Families (dss)2015 4,156 $59,009$62,369View Details
City Of Lynn
20154,101avg: $42,342median: $37,680
City Of Lynn2015 4,101 $42,342$37,680View Details
School District Of Boston
20154,076avg: $47,343median: $41,311
School District Of Boston2015 4,076 $47,343$41,311View Details
School District Of Worchester
20153,956avg: $58,342median: $63,260
School District Of Worchester2015 3,956 $58,342$63,260View Details
Department Of Mental Health (dmh)
20153,802avg: $57,744median: $53,650
Department Of Mental Health (dmh)2015 3,802 $57,744$53,650View Details
Bridgewater State University (bsc)
20153,725avg: $25,593median: $9,774
Bridgewater State University (bsc)2015 3,725 $25,593$9,774View Details
Department Of Public Health (dph)
20153,710avg: $59,949median: $57,159
Department Of Public Health (dph)2015 3,710 $59,949$57,159View Details
Department Conservation And Recreation (dcr)
20153,346avg: $25,296median: $11,456
Department Conservation And Recreation (dcr)2015 3,346 $25,296$11,456View Details
Middlesex Community College (mcc)
20153,129avg: $15,570median: $3,402
Middlesex Community College (mcc)2015 3,129 $15,570$3,402View Details
Department Of State Police (pol)
20153,024avg: $108,202median: $113,535
Department Of State Police (pol)2015 3,024 $108,202$113,535View Details
Bunker Hill Community College (bhc)
20153,022avg: $16,663median: $5,673
Bunker Hill Community College (bhc)2015 3,022 $16,663$5,673View Details

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