Massachusetts Employers

Employers Number 4093

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Granby Housing Authority
20202avg: $35,976median: $35,976
Granby Housing Authority2020 2 $35,976$35,976View Details
So Hadley-Easthampton Veterans
20202avg: $26,799median: $26,799
So Hadley-Easthampton Veterans2020 2 $26,799$26,799View Details
Hatfield Housing Authority
20192avg: $14,177median: $14,177
Hatfield Housing Authority2019 2 $14,177$14,177View Details
Foothills Health District
20192avg: $36,260median: $36,260
Foothills Health District2019 2 $36,260$36,260View Details
Granby Housing Authority
20192avg: $34,982median: $34,982
Granby Housing Authority2019 2 $34,982$34,982View Details
Sutton Housing Authority
20192avg: $26,799median: $26,799
Sutton Housing Authority2019 2 $26,799$26,799View Details
So Hadley-Easthampton Veterans
20182avg: $20,435median: $20,435
So Hadley-Easthampton Veterans2018 2 $20,435$20,435View Details
Housing District of Sutton
20182avg: $25,963median: $25,963
Housing District of Sutton2018 2 $25,963$25,963View Details
Salisbury Housing Authority
20172avg: $49,604median: $49,604
Salisbury Housing Authority2017 2 $49,604$49,604View Details
Monroe Public Schools
20172avg: $7,296median: $7,296
Monroe Public Schools2017 2 $7,296$7,296View Details
Wenham Housing Authority
20172avg: $55,322median: $55,322
Wenham Housing Authority2017 2 $55,322$55,322View Details
Lynnfield Housing Authority
20172avg: $45,884median: $45,884
Lynnfield Housing Authority2017 2 $45,884$45,884View Details
Map Academy Charter School
20172avg: $67,308median: $67,308
Map Academy Charter School2017 2 $67,308$67,308View Details
Hampshire Regional Housing District
20201avg: $26,597median: $26,597
Hampshire Regional Housing District2020 1 $26,597$26,597View Details
Foothills Health District
20201avg: $57,873median: $57,873
Foothills Health District2020 1 $57,873$57,873View Details
State Retiree Benefit Trust Fund Board
20191avg: $32,169median: $32,169
State Retiree Benefit Trust Fund Board2019 1 $32,169$32,169View Details
So Hadley-Easthampton Veterans
20191avg: $53,348median: $53,348
So Hadley-Easthampton Veterans2019 1 $53,348$53,348View Details
Housing Authority Of Groton
20181avg: $34,380median: $34,380
Housing Authority Of Groton2018 1 $34,380$34,380View Details
Housing Authority of Sterling
20171avg: $33,808median: $33,808
Housing Authority of Sterling2017 1 $33,808$33,808View Details
Housing Authority Of Sterling
20161avg: $40,194median: $40,194
Housing Authority Of Sterling2016 1 $40,194$40,194View Details

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