Massachusetts Employers

Employers Number 557

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Town of Huntington
201915avg: $25,322median: $18,267
Town of Huntington2019 15 $25,322$18,267View Details
Office for Refugees and Immigrants
201914avg: $71,448median: $70,941
Office for Refugees and Immigrants2019 14 $71,448$70,941View Details
Franklin Regional Transit Authority
201914avg: $32,806median: $22,917
Franklin Regional Transit Authority2019 14 $32,806$22,917View Details
Cape Ann Transportation Authority
201913avg: $37,794median: $42,448
Cape Ann Transportation Authority2019 13 $37,794$42,448View Details
Oak Bluffs Water District
201913avg: $53,338median: $66,016
Oak Bluffs Water District2019 13 $53,338$66,016View Details
George Fingold Library
201913avg: $58,558median: $66,794
George Fingold Library2019 13 $58,558$66,794View Details
Brockton Area Transit Authority
201913avg: $61,099median: $45,208
Brockton Area Transit Authority2019 13 $61,099$45,208View Details
Hampshire County
201913avg: $34,772median: $29,883
Hampshire County2019 13 $34,772$29,883View Details
Office of the Child Advocate, Child Care Program
201912avg: $50,844median: $39,712
Office of the Child Advocate, Child Care Program2019 12 $50,844$39,712View Details
Suffolk County Mosquito Control Project
201910avg: $15,567median: $5,425
Suffolk County Mosquito Control Project2019 10 $15,567$5,425View Details
Town of Chesterfield
201910avg: $26,776median: $18,185
Town of Chesterfield2019 10 $26,776$18,185View Details
Gardner Housing Authority
201910avg: $64,524median: $63,770
Gardner Housing Authority2019 10 $64,524$63,770View Details
Dartmouth Housing Authority
201910avg: $37,741median: $32,985
Dartmouth Housing Authority2019 10 $37,741$32,985View Details
Hoosac Water Quality District
201910avg: $50,665median: $51,477
Hoosac Water Quality District2019 10 $50,665$51,477View Details
Medway Housing Authority
20199avg: $38,643median: $48,036
Medway Housing Authority2019 9 $38,643$48,036View Details
Whitman Housing Authority
20199avg: $40,984median: $49,111
Whitman Housing Authority2019 9 $40,984$49,111View Details
Town of Cummington
20199avg: $21,638median: $13,640
Town of Cummington2019 9 $21,638$13,640View Details
Town of Goshen
20199avg: $32,424median: $35,943
Town of Goshen2019 9 $32,424$35,943View Details
Governor's Council
20198avg: $33,826median: $34,640
Governor's Council2019 8 $33,826$34,640View Details
Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct
20198avg: $91,719median: $89,676
Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct2019 8 $91,719$89,676View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary